10 Sex Toys That Escorts use Sydney and Kings Cross

10 Sex Toys That Escorts use Sydney and Kings Cross
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10 Sex Toys That Escorts use Sydney and Kings Cross and What They Do for the Clients.

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1) Sydney Sex Ramp

Sometimes all you need to spice up your sex session is a change in position. Escorts find new ways to bend your body. And get deeper penetration with this comfy sex ramp, no more uncomfortable positions. 

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2) The Kings Cross Point Vibrator

This tiny but mighty vibrator has a perfectly soft-pointed tip for direct stimulation on any body part imaginable. Escorts use it to tickle your partner’s nipples, belly button. And then have them surprise you the same.

3) Double Dildo

This double dildo doesn’t just allow for penetration at the same time, it also doesn’t mimic a penis even a little bit. The long curved end actually looks like two fingers. But can reach lengths no ordinary human could. Escorts carry them around so that their customers get an extra edge to stimulate the escorts.

4) Novice Butt Plug

If you or your partner wants to play with anal stimulation but aren’t sure where to start. Then this novice Butt plug is perfect. With a remote for partner control and varying levels of vibration. This plug will 100-per cent enhance penetrative sex, oral sex, or solo time.

10 Sex Toys That Escorts use Sydney and Kings Cross

5) Finger Vibrator

Perfectly fit for your pointer finger. This little powerhouse packs a serious punch. Use it alone or add to penetrative sex for some extra clitoral stimulation.

6) Thrusting Dildos

Some of the newest and most innovative sex toys to hit the market. Thrusting dildos penetrate by retracting and expanding back and forth. Whether you apply them vaginally or anally, they simulate penetrative sex.

7) Strap-Ons

This toy uses two parts: the harness and the dildo. The harness straps to your crotch allowing you to penetrate your partner with the strap-on dildo. 

8) Panty Vibes

Slip this vibe in your undies before hitting the party or club with your partner. And let it control you as it vibrates to the beat of the music. You can even give your sexy someone the remote control so they have full power over you. Very handy tool for escorts to spice up the foreplay. 

9) Nipple Clamps

These tiny alligator heads pinch down on your nipples. Creating erotic sexual stimulation by applying stress and reducing blood flow. The heavier the chain, the more weight it puts on your nipples.

10) Jive Vibrator 10 Sex Toys That Escorts use Sydney and Kings Cross

If you want that vibration that neither fingers nor can a penis create. The Jive Vibrator is for you. This perfectly sized egg-shaped vibrator is controlled remotely by a smartphone app. So you can insert it and use it during oral sex. Or carry it on your next date night to make foreplay an all-night event.

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