5 Best Sex Shops in Melbourne

Best Adult Toy Stores in Melbourne
Sex toys can assist couples in discovering what turns them on and making sex more pleasurable. People can relieve stress by using sex toys. With all of the demands placed on today's average person, stress and anxiety can easily build up. Sex toys can provide a safe, private, and quick way to release some of your built-up stress, allowing you to return to facing life's challenges.

Visit these Best Sex Shops in Melbourne to buy your next toy.

Nikki Darling

Lauren Clair, a sex-positive educator and pleasure activist, launched Nikki Darling, Australia’s first gender-neutral sexual health and pleasure store. The website is simple to navigate, and you can even search for products by body part. Nikki Darling is dedicated to creating enjoyable spaces. You can learn about sexual health and pleasure in an approachable and comfortable environment.

Web: – nikkidarling.com.au


Normal places a premium on sexual empowerment and education. Lucy Wark, Normal’s general manager and co-owner, is trying to make sexual wellness more accessible to people worldwide through a collection of inexpensive, stylish toys that can be sent directly to your house. Purchases are shipped discreetly in a sealed cardboard box or black courier bag.

Web: itsnormal.com

Secrets of Sex

Sexy Secrets has two small boutiques in Melbourne (South Melbourne and Carrum Downs), yet they have made a significant impact throughout the city. The staff is informed and extremely kind. Sexy Secrets has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for high-end items or bargains.

Web: www.sexysecretsshop.com.au 


Rosewell is essentially the Aesop of the sex toy market, with its stylized photos and dreamy, earthen palette. Eye-watering hues and unsubtle packaging have been banished – here, a delicious scented candle called ‘Midnight Hour’ is packaged alongside a sleek, white toy and a deck of reflection cards for a new, adventurous take on self-love. Sex care is a daily necessity, regardless of how that appears for you.

Web: www.byrosewell.com

Par Femme

Par Femme is a women-owned internet boutique providing loungewear and sex toys. Subscribe to the newsletter and receive 10% off your first buy. All sexual attitudes and practices fall inside one of the Sexuality Circles. Additionally, their website has excellent educational tips and graphics. On how to utilize the toys in a non-gross manner.

Web: parfemme.net

Sex Toy Australia

There’s no shame going in-store to buy a sex toy, but many people still feel uncomfortable discussing sexual preferences and fetishes with sales assistants. Or would rather not go shopping for adult sex toys in public. Sex Toy Australia has all the items that are stocked in the stores around Australia. But we have them on display online and can deliver the goods to you in the mail via post. In a very discreet and inconspicuous manner.

Web: sextoy.com.au

Magic Men Shop

The official Magic Men online superstore where you can purchase all Magic men merch, bedroom toys and hen party accessories. You’ll be able to find a huge array of toys, tools, and tricks to inspire, rejuvenate, or just make a great thing even better. That way, you can skip the sales talk and forget about running into someone from work. While you’ve got a pair of lace panties, a strap-on, an anal plug and a cock ring in your hand.

Web: magicmenshop.com 

Pleasure Den 

We are one of the leading Australian Owned Online Retailers for a huge range of adult sex toys for Men, Women and Couples. If you’re looking for adult toys or accessories to use alone, we have a number of perfect products that will make it very hard for you to ‘do’ anything or anyone else. And if you want a toy to boost bedtime buddy relations, then we can provide that too.

Web: www.pleasureden.com.au

JOUJOU Sex Toys and Vibrators Shop

Our huge range is filled with items that will intensify your sex life and bring your pleasure levels to a heightened state that will blow your mind. No matter what you’re into, we’ve got you covered. From mild to wild, sex toys for her, toys for him, gay sex toys, fetish, underwear and games we stock. 

Web: www.joujou.com.au

Cherry Banana

Cherry Banana is an online sex shop in Melbourne that caters to any sexual preference or kinky desire. Whether you’re married, dating, single or just knockin’ boots, you’ll find everything you could possibly need to flavour your sex life. With a huge selection of sex toys,  and sex essentials like condoms and lubricants in our inventory, we are the one-stop online adult store for all your knee buckling, toe-curling needs. 5 Best Sex Shops in Melbourne

Twisted Toys

Twisted Toys is open late, so if you need a bit of liquid courage, pop in after your drinks with dinner. Just remember to be respectful while you browse their extensive vibrator range, a store stockpiled with fetish clothing, accessories and toys to satisfy any pursuit and pleasure. They know the importance of good quality materials and design when it comes to fetish wear. Visit Best Sex Shops in Melbourne.

Best Sex Shops in Melbourne
She is clumsy. After all, she has been torturing you for years and you are certain that she is aware of it at this moment. While biting your lip to contain your screams, you twist your fingers. You struggle to get to your vibrator with your other hand. A water bottle and a book both fall to the ground. You could care less. You sigh with relief as your hand is wrapped around the vibrator. You picture her grinning at you, granting your pleas for pity, and putting her tongue against your clitoral region.

Lucrezia & De Sade

The store boasts one of the most diverse collections of quality fetish and BD/SM products in the country, much of which is designed and manufactured right on the premises. Pay a visit and awaken those desires you never knew you had! An incredibly thorough product range and the knowledge of the staff is what distinguishes this little shop from the rest. 

Passion fruit: The Sensuality Shop

There’s the standard array of high-tech, German- and Scandinavian-made vibrators, along with books, lingerie, lubes, and oils. Passionfruit is as much about sensuality as it is about sexuality, so fans of the famed zipless fuck may want to look elsewhere. The perfect place for newbies and couples, the focus here is on being a more attentive and devoted lover. 

Marquis de Sade

When you name your label after arguably the most infamous sexual libertine of all time, you’ve got a lot to live up to.  One of the 5 Best Sex Shops in Melbourne. Thankfully, Marquis de Sade does its namesake justice, just replace tales of erotic perversion and freedom (as the original De Sade penned) with award-winning corsets, PVC and bondage gear and accessories. Forget misshapen, one-size-fits-no-one bustiers and cheap stockings.

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