5 Best Sex Stores in Sydney

8 Best Sex Shops in Sydney
Adult Stores in Perth We are the best at what we do. Explore our store for high-quality sex toys, lingerie, lubricants and entertainment for amazing prices.

Oh Zone

one of 5 Best Sex Stores in Sydney Oh, Zone adult shop is a new concept store servicing the Sydney metropolitan area. Offering a large range of adult products as you would expect to find in a traditional store. However also providing a sex-positive environment for their customers regardless of sexual identity, orientation, gender or sexual interests. The Oh Zone Stores are more than just your regular Adult Store, they are Adult Lifestyle Centres that cater to all things adult. 

Max Black- Best Sex Stores in Sydney

Providing simple and classy products, as well as all sorts of marvellously dirty and sexy equipment. This place is all about a safe and fun environment for their customers, regardless of gender or sexuality. Products lean toward the pricier, high-quality end of the spectrum as befits its Newtown location. More like a boutique of adult toys, making it stand out as one of the best sex shops in Sydney.

Risque Adult Boutique – Best Sex Stores in Sydney

This nicely decked-out store stocks fantasy costumes ranging from the usual nurse outfit through to cavewoman, she-pirate and naughty nun’s habit. When you’re done playing dress-up downstairs, a short flight of stairs will unveil every manner of a dildo, ‘fauxgina’ and an inflatable doll.

5 Best Sex Stores in Sydney

Luvstuff – Best Sex Stores in Sydney

Luvstuff is a porn store, if you’re keen on a dude-dude hook-up in the inner west, it may be worth swinging by. Of course, the right outfit can only get you so far. Whether it’s that perfect toy for the better half, the right prop for the night’s activities, or some inspirational material for some solo work is among the best that Sydney has to offer.


Its home of sexy good times, specializing in adult fun for men and women of all proclivities. And that’s fine: the range is extensive and the decor cheeky, perfect for guys who want to maintain the fiction that they’re only coming in for a laugh, nothing else, honest. one of 5 Best Sex Stores in Sydney.

Her friends arrive as I’m still anxiously arranging the sample units that I usually bring to my parties, double-checking that everything is charged and that I’ve set up a good display of all the many lubrication alternatives that the firm offers. The ladies that are coming in are all young and attractive. I’m still not sure what you’re talking about. I would have assumed that females my age would have no reservations about visiting a sex store to get our sex toys.

The thing to remember about these guys is that they are always in need of an escort. The men would always go out and bash on the escorts while their wives stayed at home waiting. They observed the gentleman’s rule of “I will not tell if you will not tell.” Now, for the first time, they’re looking for someone to accompany them. Because the vast majority of guys are tired of looking at, feeling, and having sex with the same body.

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