8 Best Sex Shops in Sydney

8 Best Sex Shops Sydney

Do you want to spice up your sex life? Of course you do! But how do you do that? Time to visit Best Sex Shops in Sydney! Sydney sex shops are hip and friendly. And you can openly talk to the staff about your sexual fantasies and get advice on how to spice up your sex life. Just starting to experiment with sextoys or a seasoned pro these adult shops have something for everyone. Here is the list of Best Sex Shops in Sydney.


Whether you’re trying to figure out how to choose your first sex toy, wondering which is the best lube, searching for sexy lingerie advice or looking for gift guides to help you find the perfect present, Lovehoney has a team of experts to help. From anal sex toys to vibrators, and everything in between and after. You’ll be fully equipped with your sex toy know-how to elevate your solo adventures. Foreplay and sex life to the big O and beyond.

Website: www.lovehoney.com.au

Club X 

They offer a selection of adult toys and accessories to the mainstream, porn-lovin’ straight market. The range is extensive and the decor cheeky, come in for a laugh if nothing else. They pride themselves in providing adults with quality entertainment and the latest products from around the globe and are also 100% Australian-owned and operated. Sex Toys Erotica is Australia’s Best Adult Shop & Sex Shop Online with a great selection of sex toys online We make online shopping hassle-free. 

Website: www.clubx.com.au


As the name suggests, it offers all kinds of objects that you can imagine for any situation imaginable. Here you’ll find Mould Your Own Pussy kits and deluxe double-ended dildos. This adult shop is good for singles, couples, swingers and much more. Looking for Sexy Lingerie for a Passionate Night? Choose among Our Products. Quality Adult Toys and Sexy Undergarments. Apply for Escort Jobs in Sydney.

Website: toolshed.com.au

Adult Toy Shops in Newcastle NSW
There are so many different types of sex toys and methods to use them that deciding where to begin can be difficult. Going to a sex toy store and asking about different products from the employees can be a fantastic way to learn more about sex toys and what might work well for you. You can simply start with anything that looks interesting and work your way up from there. You may also decide that sex toys aren’t for you, which is just fine. The point is that there are numerous possibilities for various bodies and types of sex, so sex toys can be an option for anyone, regardless of who they are or what sort of sex they have.

Max Black 

Providing Sydney-siders with simple and classy products. As well as all sorts of marvelously dirty and sexy equipment. This place is all about a safe and fun environment for their customers, regardless of gender or sexuality. Products lean toward the pricier, high-quality end of the spectrum as befits its Newtown location. More like a boutique of adult toys, making it stand out as one of the best adult shops in Sydney.

Website: maxblack.com.au

Oh Zone

Oh, Zone adult shop is a new concept store servicing the Sydney metropolitan area. Offering a large range of adult products including powerful vibrators. Similar to the Hitachi magic wand as you would expect to find in a traditional store. However, also provides a sex-positive environment for their customers regardless of sexual identity. Orientation, gender or sexual interests.

Website: ohzone.com.au

Ashfield Adult Book Exchange – Sex Shop

With shops in Blacktown, Ashfield and Minto, Adult Shop specialises in products for men and women who want to have fun and caters for people of all orientations – couples, gays, lesbians, transgender and queer. A locally owned and operated business, we stock a wide range of fun and naughty toys that are guaranteed to inject excitement into your life. Buy Lingerie, massage oils; Paddles, sex toys and slings; Swings, vibrators and whips.

Website: adultshopblacktown.com.au

Sex toys online 

We are an Australian First Rated Premier Online Adult Sex Toy specialist source selling carefully selected high-quality toys that enhance sexual fulfilment. Our products are warehoused locally in Sydney and shipped daily for fast, easy discreet delivery all over Australia. Choose from anal beads, anal plugs, dildos, erection spray, glass dildos, male masturbators, nipple suckers, orgasmic vibrators or vibrating underwear.

Webiste: www.sex-toys-online.com.au

The Sex Garden 

Unlike traditional sex shops located around Australia, Our online store stocks one of the largest and most popular best-selling sex toys. Our website makes it easy and discreet for buyers to make purchases and not have to worry about leaving their house or office.  The product range includes the most popular adult toys including strapons, dildos and dongs, vibrators, penis cock rings, anal toys and probes, penis pumps, sex novelties and many more! Brothel job in Sydeny

Website: thesexgarden.com.au

Best Sex Toy Shops in Perth Best Adult Toy Stores in Hamilton Hill
Do vibrators desensitise you to sex?
“Absolutely not. Vibrators actually make you want to have sex more! They stimulate, they’re orgasmic, they make you squirt. They keep coming back for more.”

Sex toys when starting a job in a Brothel in Sydney

The sex shops strive to provide the best in discreet timely customer service to all of Australia. Have fun exploring the, Buying Guides for our insight on sex toys, adult toys, vibrators, lingerie, lubricants and more.With plenty of helpful sex tips and tricks plus general information to improve your intimate relationships. While a lot of people buy their secret nasties on the internet these days, make a quality investment in a sex toy. Apply for Escort Jobs in Sydney. 

High quality sex toys

Explore any adult store browse our online store for high-quality sex toys, lingerie, lubricants and entertainment for amazing prices. Talk to our friendly staff and knowledgeable staff for any questions about what you are looking for. Or choose to shop discreetly. We are dedicated to making your experience great. Remember, you can save time and money if you shop online. 

Spice up your sex life

Quickly Process Orders & Discreetly ship products to you directly from Sydney & Melbourne Warehouse. Various Leading Adult Toys Brands Suit Beginners & Advanced Sex Toys Users. Yes! Your satisfaction is our first priority. Are you ready to spice up your sex life? or would you rather have a boring one? If you want to spice up your sex life, get off your couch and visit one of the shops listed. 

Great customer service

With a staff that is personable and well-equipped to deal with all types of everything. They walk around with an encyclopaedic knowledge of every product on the shelves. Shopping there feels positive, like you’re adding some good to the world. It feels fancy, but in a way that manages to avoid snobbery. Deepen your connections with unique and sexy toys. Dildos, vibes, double enders, straps and more.

When you develop into a woman who is really alluring, the only thing that men will consider is what is hidden deep within of you. Make their cock throb just by being in the same room as you. 

It is up to you to convince these gentlemen that they need to come back for more. Maintain professional boundaries while maintaining communication and building a rapport with the other party in question. Make men worship you for the benefits you bring to their lives.

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