Best Erotic Massage parlours in Sydney and Melbourne

Brothel and Adult Massage Parlours in Parramatta
Lingam, also known as Penis Massage, is a Sanskrit word that means "Wand of Light." The male penis is represented as the wand of light. The therapist honors the natural sensations and stimulates the penis through massage in the Lingam Massage. The shaft, testicles, perineum, and external prostate are all massaged. The purpose of this form of erotic massage is to enjoy the full effects of a genital massage; you don't have to ejaculate, but they don't mind if you do. The man who receives the massage will learn how to enjoy himself.

Best Erotic Massage parlours in Sydney and Melbourne Call one of the numbers below.


  • Address – 10/13-21 Thomas St, Yarraville 3013
  • Telephone – 0406 496 551
  • Web –

Melbourne Brothels – 04 01 409 103
Thai girlfriend massage – 04 34 119 600
Japanese tokyo massage – 04 32 089 913
Happy Japanese Massage – 04 16 617 344
Studio 54 Gentlemen’s Club – 03 9495 1881
Number 100 – 03 9416 0099
Goldfingers Strip Club – 03 9670 9457
Kittens Strip Club – 03 9696 9666
Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club – 03 9629 2300
Centrefold Lounge – 03 9620 5077
Dreams Gentlemen’s Club – 03 9614 3110
The Men’s Gallery – 03 9670 0331
Showgirls Bar 20 – 03 8678 2020
Club 859 – 03 9523 8555
Top of The Town Brothel – 03 9614 1414
California Club Brothel Melbourne – 03 9529 4727
Dandy Belles Asian Brothel – 04 13 505 268

Best Erotic Massage parlours in Sydney and Melbourne for adults

Where do you go to find the most satisfying and rewarding? We’ve tracked down the best massage places, so you have one less thing to worry about!

Best Erotic Massage parlours in Sydney and Melbourne
Contrary to popular belief, erotic massage and massage parlors are not illegal or forbidden, despite the fact that they are sometimes regarded as taboo topics. Businessmen commonly use the service and frequently choose to have an erotic massage either after work or during their lunch break.


the blissful state of mind and body!

  • Erotic massage
  • Business Functions
  • Birthday Functions
  • Private escorts
  • Sensual massage
  • Couples Massage

At Michelle’s

The Art of Touch!

  • Erotic massage
  • Sensual massage
  • Couples Massage
  • Business Functions
  • Birthday Functions

RPM Sydney Erotic Massage

RPM Sydney Massage was founded on lavish, discreet encounters. We provide high-standards both in terms of beautiful massage therapists, and erotic massage that curls the toes and stokes the flames of desire. Voted as one of the best massage experiences in Sydney for the last two years, RPM Sydney offers body-to-body massages that are guaranteed to mesmerize the senses. Let us provide you with true ecstasy, pure intimacy, and a unique connection! Best Erotic Massage parlours in Sydney and Melbourne.

Book one of our gorgeous, professional RPM Sydney massage therapists today and being to once again feel alive. It’s time you awakened your sensual energy with breathtaking, discreet personal massage experience.

Best Erotic Massage parlours in Sydney and Melbourne
A full-body massage, as the name suggests, works every part of your body. This implies that in order to release tension and stress from every part of your body, your massage therapist will employ a variety of various movements, methods, and pressure levels.

Sydney Ka Huna

Let yourself relax at a great massage place called Sydney Ka Huna, as your therapist works every muscle with their hands and forearms, while flowing around the table effortlessly in hula movements. This is a Hawaiian massage experience like no other, with ancient traditions that honour the body as a temple. You can also enjoy the Heartworks Lomi Lomi, which is a slower, more meditative approach, with soothing and repetitive strokes. If your belief is two is better than one, you can opt for a 2-on-1 Ka Huna, where two therapists work simultaneously on your body with synchronised massage. Heaven on a massage table!

76 Oxford Street, Paddington

SaraDar Thai Massage & Art Gallery

Harmonise your mind, body and soul with a Thai massage by the Wat Po-trained therapists at SaraDar. While in good hands, you will experience a release from pain, tension and injury with rhythmic pressure and without the use of oils. Ask for attention to your feet with Foot Reflexology or request the Thai Remedial Massage for a combination of Thai and western techniques. Not only are the guys here qualified, they’re also extremely friendly. When you’re fully relaxed, head
into the gallery for authentic Thai paintings and ceramics, hand-painted with history and culture in mind.

649 Burwood Road, Hawthorn East, Melbourne

Best Erotic Massage parlours in Sydney and Melbourne
Use a gentle, meditative tone of voice to lead him through the procedure. As an alternative, you may play some background new age music to create the right atmosphere.