Erotic Dance jobs in Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane

Erotic Dance jobs in Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane

Erotic Dance jobs in Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane for ladies

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Wanted Erotic Dance jobs in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Cal for a private interview

Calling girls from UK, Ireland, Scotland, Korea, Canada, France, Neither lands and Taiwan. Here is an insight on what to expect when working as an erotic stripper or lap dancer in Australia.

When you visit from a member of the working holiday programme a one-year working holiday visa here is a way you can earn lots of money and enjoy your Australian Experience. You can extend your visa by another year by working for three months in a designated agricultural region this qualifies you for a working holiday visa extension so you can stay for two years.

You can work up to 6 months in one venue, so you have time to explore the industry and decide if you want to stay and in the adult dance industry in Australia

When looking for an erotic dance job in Sydney, stay away from the seedy dance venues, look out for a top of the range venues, you will know when you visit a reputable place. Ask to talk to other girls working at the dance venue and ask the girls if the management is straight. Check they are happy with payments being made to them. Mostly the management will let you keep the tips, check this is the case. Check when you get paid, daily payment is the way to go.

You may have to pay $200+ a night out of your own pocket to work at the clubs, most dance venues in Sydney and Melbourne have similar rules. You could try Brisbane where the erotic dance industry is alive and well. You may find higher-earning along the tourist town which serves the tourist industry like Gold Coast

Erotic Dance Jobs in Sydney
Dance like its the end of the world and strip for him.

How would you define erotic dance?

Many people believe that the word “erotic” refers to anything that is unclean, immoral, or at the very least, wicked. However, in essence, it simply means “sex,” which is something that all people share to some extent. On the other hand, erotic dance has been growing in popularity as a method to mix personal enjoyment with healthy physical activity. Many people, both women, and men are enjoying the advantages of this kind of dancing, such as greater self-confidence. 

Erotic Dancer Job Duties

Exotic dancers are responsible for a broad variety of jobs, including but not limited to:

  • Putting on private dances or doing lap dances for clients who have paid for this service.
  • Taking clients’ requests for private dances at a venue where erotic dancing is performed
  • Performing solo or with a group at special events like adult parties. 
  • Complying with the club’s dress code by wearing revealing or provocative outfits
  • Providing amusement for visitors by performing exotic dance routines, such as hula dancing or belly dancing, for example.
  • Make certain that all relevant regulations involving alcohol serving processes, hours of operation, and security standards are followed.
  • Customers may be persuaded to purchase a variety of services, including beverages and VIP memberships.
  • Taking clients’ requests for private dances at a strip club or other establishment where exotic dancing is performed

Erotic Dancer Job Requirements

To pursue a career as an erotic dancer, you may need to fulfill the following requirements:


There is often no need for formal education or training on the part of employers of exotic dancers. However, some dancers decide to get a bachelor’s degree in a subject such as psychology, business, or communications instead of continuing their training in the dance sector.

Experience and training

While they are still in college (those who are over 18), most erotic dancers acquire the specialized abilities and methods they need for their performances. These skills and techniques are often required for certain types of performance. They may enroll in lessons in pole dancing, striptease, and other dance styles. As part of their preparation for performances, they could also learn how to apply makeup and style their hair.

Working behind the bar or behind the counter at strip clubs is another way for erotic dancers to obtain experience in the industry. They also can perform as strippers at private events and bachelor celebrations.

Certifications and licenses

In most cases, you may need to get a work permit before they can begin performing there. Because the procedure differs from city to city, you will need to research the prerequisites for the state in which you want to dance before beginning the process.

Because erotic dancers are required to perform for extended periods of time, either in nightclubs or at private events, physical fitness is an essential quality for anyone interested in pursuing a career in this field. Maintaining your physical fitness may assist you in avoiding injuries and maintaining your endurance throughout your shifts. Maintaining your physical fitness may be accomplished by following a balanced diet, engaging in regular physical activity, and obtaining enough sleep.

So who should I call for a job, Try some of our advertisers, to work in the adult industry business must be licensed by the local council?

Your right, safety is incorporated into their charter so you can feel safer and be assured that the security of the venue ensure your well looked after.

Sydney has based its sex laws on New Zealand, and the Netherlands and sex workers can work with dignity and security.

We hope we have given you an insight into some of the issues you should consider is you decide to work in the adult dance industry.

Apply for Erotic Dance jobs in Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane

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