Escort Jobs for Lesbian Girls and Women

Women Needed for Brothel Jobs in Orange

We asked an active phone sex operator to share with us how is it like to have a phone sex job by working from home. She reveals what’s really going on the other end of the line from what she does during calls. To what clients ask her to do and how much money does she actually make. Apply for Escort Jobs for Lesbian Girls and Women.

How does someone decide to become a phone sex operator?

I was always dreaming of a life where I had no worries about what I will eat tomorrow. Buy nice clothes, jewelry and drive a nice car. So, once I finished high school, I immediately realized that I had to find some sort of work. I could do from home, because a 9 to 5 job will never bring me enough money to live the fancy life style I crave for.

Phone sex job

I saw interesting an ad on Red-Life about a phone sex job. All you had to do was to leave a message and you would be hired based on how your voice sounds. The manager liked my voice and I got hired and could start the next day. Even though they haven’t seen me. I didn’t mind that, because I was a little bit afraid that someone might recognize me. And I didn’t want to tell anyone about my new erotic job.

Escort Jobs for Lesbian Girls and Women: Work from home

I work from home and I have a headset plugged into a landline. Because we are not allowed to use cell phones. I also have my laptop or tablet on so I can quickly reference any fetish I’ve never heard of. I’ve been working as a phone sex operator for over 5 years. And I never met anyone I work with, not even my boss. Apply for Escort jobs for lesbians.