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Escort Jobs Prostitution and Adult Jobs in Australia and New Zealand. New Zealand is safe well managed and respectful. When it comes to the world of adult jobs, Australia and New Zealand have become hotspots for those seeking opportunities in the escort industry. While it’s important to approach this topic with an open mind and a non-judgmental attitude, it’s equally crucial to acknowledge the legal and ethical considerations that surround this profession.

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Please read on there is important information below

New South Wales in Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands share updated modern laws when it comes to Adult sex workers.

Australia has an ancient dated sex Industry law

Many States and Territories in Australia have out of date laws and attitudes towards the adult Sex industry. Australia is a federal country and as such local state parliaments vote on sex laws, resulting in many variations in the law.

Escort Jobs Prostitution and Adult Jobs in Australia and New Zealand: Laws are different

Most Importantly note the Capital cities of Australian States and territories are thriving metropolises with plenty of Adult Entertainment. The largest Australian city is Sydney and fortunately, the state government is progressive and has de-criminalized laws relating to prostitution.

Sex workers in Auckland, New Zealand also benefit from progressive sex laws that protect prostitutes and escorts. Also, others involved in the adult sex industry are protected by law. This means that sex workers are protected by employment laws and health safety legislation.

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Only NSW is liberal Adult jobs, escort Jobs, and prostitution in Australia and New Zealand

In some states in Australia, it is not possible to advertise for Escorts or Prostitutes. This opens the door to criminals commonly referred to as pimps, these people act as minders for the sex workers and often treat them as personal property (Slaves). Legalizing advertising for sex worker cuts out the pimp.

Only partial decriminalization in some states

Sex workers in Darwin, Canberra, Victoria, Perth, Hobart, and Adelaide have only partially de- criminalized prostitution. The law is not consistent across these states and still subjects prostitutes to moral laws based on old religious laws and beliefs.

All workers are equal

There are several good reasons to decriminalize prostitution across the whole of Australia, the most important being the health and safety of clients and sex workers alike. If the sex industry can operate inside the law it is possible to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted disease. Escort Jobs Prostitution and Adult Jobs in Australia and New Zealand

Become a one-of-a-kind escort in the business

As the saying goes, a picture is worth more than 1000 words in our field, and it’s even more so. Your images will get you bookings, so make sure they are done right and professionally but also tease the boys. Be careful not to go to extremes with the picture editing software. Another great tip is to include a “selfie” photo on your profile. Again, this could lead to your social life getting mixed up with your escort life. So, it is a risk, but it will pay off in terms of making money and being successful.

Stop criminals

Legalizing the sex industry also reduces its links to organized crime and reduces sex slavery.

A Legalised sex industry also provided revenue for the government, this income can help fund health care and other services.

Legalize ASAP

Firstly, the sooner all brothels and paid sexual activity are legalized the better. Secondly the legal models of New South Wales and New Zealand need to be adopted in all Australian States and territories as soon as possible.

Valuable social service

Brothel and Escort agencies provide a valuable service to their clients, who find relief and peace in being welcomed and spoil for a short time. Many bring joy to people who would otherwise be denied sex such as the disabled and handicapped. In Sydney, Brothels advertise access for the disabled and also provide the service of sex workers in their homes.

In exchange for sexual services, the client must pay fee, which is shared between the brothel and the sex worker. During this time, the client undresses and washes before positioning himself on table and under towel, while the escort offers him preliminary rub-down. 
After that, she inquires as to what else he wants, and he responds succinctly.

Health and Safety

Regulating the quality and hygiene standards in brothels is a necessary social service. Regular inspection help to ensuring that a respectful standard of behavior towards employees is maintained.

In conclusion, civility and respect that is the right of all human beings is the rule. All members of society need to be protected by the law equally no matter what their occupation.

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