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Langtree's EmploymentCall: 0406 514 793
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La Petite Aroma Sydney9419 5590
Cleopatras Gentlemens ClubSMS only: 0474112736
Red Door Escort Agency0488 551 025
Hush Escorts Agency Sydney1300 282 414 or 0426 776 655
Bodyline Yarraville0406 496 551
Erotic Massage Jobs in Melbourne+61 420 462 922
Bodyline Erotic Massage Jobs Melbourne +61 420 462 922
Wives Only02-9519-6756
Escort Jobs in Sydney CBD
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Midnight Delight02 9633 4683

Best Adult massage service in Sydney 

Do you wish to experience the best service with one of our gorgeous Sydney escorts? Private Escort Services in Sydney Fun and Sex are available on call. Call our escort service today. Escort Services in Sydney CBD

Try to keep a few essential things in mind:

Being an escort is not considered taboo by most people in Sydney. It is a business that many women make a career out of. If you like the money escorts make, you will be happy. 

Escort Services in Sydney

  • Every lady is different, and service options depend on the individual lady
  • Numerous Hush escorts are bisexual and enjoy girl on girl experience, and some ladies are not comfortable offering Bisexual services
  • Some of our ladies love meeting couples
  • Most Hush Escorts offer a Girlfriend Experience, but your hygiene and the respect you show to the lady may prevent the perfect GFE service
  • A few ladies have naughtier desires and provide a Porn Star Experience. Check the ladies’ individual services list on her webpage.

We can help you

Suppose you have a fantasy or desire and must decide which of our ladies to meet. Phone or email one of our friendly receptionists with your required services and us. Our receptionists recommend the most suitable lady for your needs.

As explained, it all depends on the ladies’ preferences, and the ladies desires and choices must be respected.

Relaxed and comfortable

Ensuring your interests and fantasies are understood ensures both parties are relaxed and comfortable and ultimately having a blissful time together. You may have seen one of our high-class escorts in Sydney before you know what type of unrivalled experience you will have at HUSH. Apply for Escort Jobs in Sydney.

  • Different Exceptional Unforgettable
Be sure to discuss your interests to make a date even more fun. 

Affectionate Cuddles

You want to lay down in bed with a hot woman and forget about the world and its problems. You wish to take the back seat, feel her body against yours, and affectionately get lost in her arms.

The power of affectionate cuddling is more than one can imagine. Only those who have participated in one or more cuddling sessions know precisely how it feels.

Affectionate Gentle Kissing

A seductive woman who presses her breast against yours while tenderly kissing your lips, cheeks, nose, and other body parts. It’s all simply for your delight. You kiss her affectionately after the woman is aware of your intentions. Fortunately, we have escorts who can give you as many kisses and affection as you desire.

We have a woman for all occasions.

Whether you like to take it in the ass or fuck a woman in the ass, we have a woman for every man’s need. Our women love anal play and would be glad to be part of your fantasy. They are comfortable talking about it and discussing it thoroughly before going through it. Many clients ask us for anal play and power reversal; we have never let them down.


ATM or Ass to Mouth is an art that not many women have mastered, and finding a girl who can do it with confidence is hard to find. Thankfully, since you have already found us, you do not need to look elsewhere to find escorts that can do a perfect ATM trick with you. Swallow or spit? Why don’t you discuss this with the lady directly?

Bi Twin (double)

The only thing better than fucking one beautiful woman is fucking two beautiful women. But what if both women look the same? Double the beauty, double the sexiness, and double the fun. Especially for men who wish to fuck twin siblings, one face with multiple skills, we have twin escorts who would love to meet you in your hotel room.


Hush Escorts know what you need, and they would give all of it to you gladly. If you want pain, they will provide you with pain; if you wish for pleasure, they will give you pleasure. But be assured that your moment is going to be highly restricted. By hiring our girls for Bondage, you are practically signing up for a painful night but with a lot of fun.

Brazilian Escorts

Brazilian women are very hot. They are open-minded and love to have sex. If you are looking for crazy, rough sex, you must meet and fool around with a Brazilian lady. She is sure to give you the time of your life, and if you are lucky, she might also give you your hottest blowjob ever.

Gorgeous face.

 A person who performs services like following someone to an event, keeping them company, etc. often referred to as an “escort.” Typically, a customer would contact the agency to arrange an escort, although some escorts are independent contractors who choose their clients.[/caption]


There is nothing as hot as unloading your cum on the breasts, belly, and thighs of a beautiful woman and watching her play with it. The view is oddly satisfying and the best form of a turn-on for many men.


If you have imagined how it would feel to let your dick throw up on the face of a hot woman, we have good news for you. Our agency has been helping men like you find a girl who would love a facial with your dick juice. These women are hot and sexy and want to eat your cum. Apply for Escort Services in Sydney.


The only thing better than a sexy teacher is fucking a sexy teacher. But why limit yourself to a sexy teacher? How about a nurse who loves to treat balls or a cheerleader who cannot get over sucking dicks? Well, a sexy girl in a raunchy outfit, some sex toys, and a lot of moaning sounds like a perfect date night.


Try something crazy, hot, and fun about couples getting involved with other couples. The sex gets rediscovered, the moves are changed, and the passion freely flows. This kink is one fantasy that is hard to fulfil, but that is unless you hire our services. We have the right kind of girls who would love to make love to a couple. These girls have a set of moves that you have never experienced. And with her in your bed, you will love every second of her time.


Imagine how it is to dine at the Y? DATY is an act of pleasure where the girl is at the receiving end. The gentleman goes down on the lady with his tongue first. DATY allows the man to satisfy a lady while she serves him a watery buffet between her legs. DATY is an art that not many men excel at, but if you think you are a skilled sucker of the pussy, let our girls be the judge. Escort Services in Sydney CBD


Have you ever unloaded your cum on a beautiful face? If you haven’t, Facial is what it is called; it is one thing that can make your senses rejoice with happiness and satisfaction. Watching your cum run down the face of a beautiful woman is highly orgasmic, and if the women enjoy it too, like girls working with our agency, the fun doubles up. Her moans as the cum trickles down her eyes, nose, lips, chin, and neck will make you feel crazy like you have never felt.

Escort Services in Sydney CBD Fetish

You can never have enough of it. We have a solution for every need, regardless of what you are into. Whether it be spitting in your mouth, a golden shower or sucking the high heels of a sexy, hot woman, we have you covered. Our professionally trained models and escorts can care for your needs and satisfy your senses. They can turn your dream into a hardcore reality and an experience you will never forget.

Full oil massage

One must know the right style and quantity to turn a regular massage into an erotic full-oil massage. Our girls have gathered the experience and skill to provide a highly satisfying full-oil massage. The girls have soft hands that will make you hard, and by the time they reach your dick to massage the cum out of it, you will already be in the most comfortable place.


The muffled sound a girl makes when you enter here is hot, and we cannot agree more. The fun part of gagging is not just the moaning but also the fact that the girl you are fucking has surrendered to your manliness and is willing to do anything to make you happy. Escort Services in Sydney Fun and Sex This servitude is a big turn, and if you are yet to experience it, why not try it with one of our obedient girls who just love to be gagged and fucked like crazy bitches? Escort Services in Sydney CBD Csll us.


GFE, or a Girl Friend Experience, is a fantastic concept that promises no-strings-attached sex by an escort. With the craziness that you experience when you are in love. What you are hiring is not just going to suck on your dick and fuck your brains. She is going to do it most romantically. Plus, you get to spoil her, pamper her, treat her like your own girl, and get the same treatment in return.

Happy ending

Some of us love to have a silent after-party in the pants after a wild sex session. If you are a fan of a happy ending, you find a different kind of happiness in this after-party. Animalistic sex satisfies hunger, but a happy ending satisfies the heart. There is something unexplainable that kicks in when the girl you have been fucking like crazy settles down beside you. 


If you love letting a girl hold your dick and stroke it in the best way possible, we have escorts who would love to do it. These girls are known to give killer handjobs. They are pretty, know the right things to say and love to stroke giant shafts to satisfaction. They cannot wait to hold your big dick in their hands and shower their love on it. They can even make it unique by taking instructions and feedback from you.


Kissing is a way to interact with another soul in a way that is more than a body. When we kiss, we exchange emotions and share a highly affectionate bond. If you believe in Kissing and Nirvana of a different kind, we would be more than happy to help. Only some people are good kissers, and if a person of your taste does not get a good kiss in return, the whole package seems like a rip-off. We take this seriously, and we like to deliver an experience that is satisfying and above your expectations.

Light Bondage

I saw and imagined everything bondage; now it’s time to perform it. You would want to start with light bondage sessions to understand what turns you on and what you want. These sessions will help you decide if Bondage is a kink you should be exploring and prepare you to get into the hands of hardcore mistresses later on. Your body needs some treatment before it can face the whip, and this light bondage session will help you start your training.

Light spanking

While it looks easy at first, spanking can be painful. The satisfaction and happiness that a sweet spanking session can bring are unmatched. Try a light spanking session if you are starting your exploration on the kink front. It will help you understand what an excellent spanking session needs. And also prepare for the whips and peddles by the high-class mistresses at a later stage.


Ever felt the soft hands of a beautiful lady on your bare back, chest, thighs, and dick? A massage is a perfect way to relax and let a girl give you an ideal orgasm after a rough day. Not only does a massage mean you get to regenerate your mood, but it also allows you to sit back. Forget about the performance and enjoy as soft hands caress your body and play with your manhood. Apply for Escort Jobs in Sydney.

Don’t do what you like

Never should you feel pressured to allow someone to do anything that you don’t find acceptable. Recognize that you have the authority to refuse! No rules dictate that you must carry out a specific action or comply with a client’s request, etc. Owning your body will make you solid and secure.



A threesome is hot, but what is more desirable is letting the girls enjoy themselves while you watch and jerk off to their beauty. Let women be what they are good at – being wild and beautiful, and you, for a moment, take the back seat and feast on the visual experience of watching two hot bodies engaged in animalistic sex. If this is an experience that you would love to have, give us a call, and we will arrange the most alluring beauties for your pleasure.

MILF Experience

Mother, I Like to Fuck – Many young men feel attracted to older women. Why? That is how our crazy brain works. Also, the fact that an older woman knows what she wants ensures that the guys do not have to ‘guess’. And meet the needs of the girl Escort Services in Sydney Fun and Sex.

MILF Sydney escort

Every young male has the hots for a woman older than him. You can hire a MILF Sydney escort and experience a different kind of satisfaction. Let her dominate you, teach you moves, give you directions and tell you how to make a woman happy. You will love how she enters your brain and feeds you with hot knowledge you cannot ignore. Apply for Escort Services in Sydney.

Mutual French (oral)

Mutual natural oral

You let her suck it. Do you return the favour? Totally up to you. But, if you are a man who tastes in ending things in a mutual natural oral. You would probably like to balance your give and take relation. A joint wild oral turn on several men, and if you are one of those, you would probably want to check out our escorts. Who would love to be a part of a mutual natural oral?

Natural oral

We love spontaneous and natural situations that lead to sex, and if the problems lead to wild oral sex. There is nothing better than satisfaction. Therefore, we would gladly like to introduce you to our high-end escorts. 

Overnight stays $$$$ but pure fun.

Sometimes, you need more than hours. You need a whole night to satisfy your desires and calm your kinky demons. This is why you need escorts who can do overnight stays and be a part of all your wild fantasies. These escorts allow you to do all you have been waiting to do. Shower all your sexual energies on her. That is the fix.

Schoolgirl role play Escort Services in Sydney CBD

Why don’t you lift her skirt and finger her? Or maybe make her remove her clothes and fuck her in different positions? That will teach her a lesson. Should she need discipline, and you being her teacher, should be doing it. Her pussy and ass must be punished for dressing slutty and flirting with you and the other boys in the class. She deserves to be fucked and spanked for her bad behaviour.


You are the boss, and she has to obey you. The workload has been overwhelming, and she wants to help. Use her mouth, ass, and pussy to eliminate everything troubling you. Fuck her on the desk, force her to suck your dick. Turn her into your whore on a leash who dresses hot for you and always stays ready to pleasure you. What would you like to do to her?

Sex toys

Thankfully, our girls have mastered using all sorts of sex toys for mutual pleasure. They know what goes where and how you can have the best time with their favourite toys.

Sexy lingerie for you or her Escort Services in Sydney CBD

The sexy lingerie she is wearing invites you to get ready. Feast upon her beautiful body and enjoy her while she is with you.

Spanish bad boy experience

Spanking – one to one

She knows her weapons and knows how to use them on you to give you pleasure and pain. She will rejoice every moment and every bruise she leaves on your bare ass. She is hot, sexy, and too mean to care for you. Escort Services in Sydney fun and sex. All she wants is your ass, her favourite paddle, and some time to rip your ass apart just how you would like it to be. Escort Services in Sydney Fun and Sex

Strapon – on you

There is nothing wrong with asking a girl to wear a strap-on and fuck you in the anal. That is hot, and we agree. With us, do you get to take this to a new level? How? You get a fully trained professional escort when you hire one of our girls. Who knows what you want and for how long you like it? She would gladly fuck you in the ass, make you lick her made-up dick, and turn you into a sissy. On request that he loves to fulfil his mistress’s choices.

Escort Services in Sydney Fun and Sex for all. 

Please note that Touring Escorts & also our receptionists will not discuss services! Hush is known for its quality. So you can rest assured the lady you will meet will be fun, easy-going, and open-minded. Escort Services in Sydney CBD.

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