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Sex work is work, and work is hard. Compound that with the taxing nature of working with one’s body, clientele, and the stigma attached to the work, I’m willing to bet that sex work is among the most draining professions a person could choose to take. Escorts can make a lot of money in Sydney as this is one of the fastest-growing industries. Check out the hot Escorts and babes in Sydney to hire.

Escorts in Sydney

Prostitution is legal in many parts of Australia and in many other cities, particularly in Sydney. In general, escorts generally work as “freelancers” and therefore are free to charge their own rates. Brothels will usually take the commission since the sex workers themselves will have a place to carry out their trade and will, of course, be brought business by the brothel itself.

Sex workers in Sydney

Social perceptions surrounding the world of escorting are, perhaps, fuelled by pop culture and media portrayals of the industry. Given the transient and often secretive nature of the industry, there are no official statistics on the demographics of Australian sex workers. However, there is an estimate there are roughly 20,000 sex workers at any given time in Australia.


Despite popular representations of escorts being young, white, and female; it is far more diversified across both ethnicity and gender. Migrant sex workers in Sydney identified a large number of birth countries that sex workers came from. There are hot Escorts and babes in Sydney.

The income

For example prices, you could expect to pay $100 for a blow job, or $150 for anal sex. It will all depend on the escort and the brothel you are visiting. In a lot of places, there is usually a price list of services. If you’re something of a regular at a brothel, it may be possible to get a discount especially if there are one or two girls that you like to visit regularly.