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Sydney’s Vibrant World of Escorts and Courtesans: An Exclusive Look into the Glamorous Lifestyle.  Are you ready to delve into the captivating world of escorts and courtesans in Sydney? If so, we have some exciting news for you! A call for interviews has been announced, offering a unique opportunity to gain insight into this alluring profession. Escorts and Courtesans in Sydney: Call for Interviews

The dates for Interviews April 18-24

Don’t miss out, this is a great opportunity to start a great new fun life.

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Come and meet Madame Claudette in Sydney, interviews are April 18-24th.

Welcome to The Black Tie escort agency, we need professional escorts to work in our busy agency in Auckland New Zealand.

If you are looking for interesting and rewarding work then here is a great opportunity to start working as an escort in the land of the long white clouds otherwise known as New Zealand or Middle Earth.

Auckland is a busy international hub and the main commercial city of New Zealand. Auckland city is one of the most liveable in the world and also it is close to some of the most beautiful beaches and countryside in the world, you will love living in this great city. Fun and entertainment is the key to Auckland’s success it’s a city that never sleeps.

Escorts and Courtesans in Sydney: Call for Interviews. Black Tie escort services in Auckland, need to recruit ladies who have a deep desire to make certain our clients have the most fantastic time of their lives. When our clients ask for a Black Tie escort they know they are in for the time of their lives.

Our kind and supportive female management are there to help you through those little hurdles that life throws in your way from time to time.

Our escorts need to be discrete and ensure that client privacy is maintained at all times. A fun evening with clients needs to stay a private affair, we need escorts who have discretion and keep their work confidential at all times.

Interview for Escorts and Courtesans in Sydney

Our escorts need to be mature by nature, be able to listen to our clients without comment, and be understanding and comforting. Being an escort is not just about the physical, it’s about the mind too. We have a regular repeat client base and this is something we are proud of.

Getting repeat clients is also the biggest compliment an escort and The Black Tie Escort Agency can get.

Looking after our customers is our prime directive and we ask you to come along and help us offer a first-class service to our clients when they have time out in Auckland.

The law in New Zealand is supportive and respectful of sex workers

Madame Claudette comes to Sydney on the 18th of April and is looking for beautiful professionals who want a top job in the Adult industry.

It seems that trip to the massage parlor is more elegant than hiring an escort when it comes to paying for sex. Furthermore, the Brothels and Sex Workers will continue to be impacted by the liberalization of sexuality. Following the lifting of the lockdown, it is projected that international visitor growth, especially from Asia, would boost industry revenue. 

The dates for Interviews April 18-24

Call +64221503065

Email: [email protected]

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