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Showgirls Stripclub – 0408 999 991
The Grosvenor The Valley – 04 15 815 731
Kittens Strip Club – 07 3216 1686
Club Minx – 07 3003 0055
Club Vixen – 07 3012 9911
Confidential Club – 04 50 411 048
Love and Rockets – 07 3367 2199
The Cabaret Nightclub – 04 06 798 934
OMFGs Adult Lounge – 04 13 366 716
Honey B’s – 07 3367 2199
Hellfire Club Brisbane – 07 3831 2892
Mike’s Place – 04 31 846 883
Tantric Pulse – 04 06 737 878
Monica Kye – 04 47 201 117

Melbourne Brisbane Pole Lap Stripper Dancing Jobs. Things to watch out for when working as erotic dance, pole Dancer, or lap dancer in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane.

Confidential Club a great Brisbane erotic dance venue

How would you like to be called when you become an exotic erotic strip dancer? It’s Best to have a stage name.

Calling girls with a working holiday visa

Calling girls from UK, Ireland, Korea, Canada, France, Netherlands, and Taiwan. Here is an insight into what to expect when working as an erotic stripper or dancer in Australia.

When you come from the UK, Korea, Taiwan, Canada, or another country that is a member of the working holiday program you get a one-year working holiday visa often referred to as a 417 visa. You can extend your visa by another year by working for three months in a designated agricultural region this qualifies you for a working holiday visa extension, so you can stay for another year.

You can work up to 6 months in one venue. So you will have time to study the ins and outs of  the Australian adult entertainment industry and then decide if you want to stay in the adult dance industry in Australia.

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I am too sexy for you. If you would rather really get to know your escort on an intimate and emotional basis before you move to anything physical,

Check out the venue where you want to work

When looking for an erotic dance venue in Sydney, try to stay away from the seedy dance venues, look out for top-of-the-range venues, you will know when you visit a reputable venue. Look at the decor, visit and check out the service, make sure the toilets are clean and tidy, this tells a lot about the people who manage the venue, attention to detail is the key, insist on talking to the girls who are working in the venue.

Ask about the management, and if they are happy with their earning, ask them how busy the place is, make sure that the number of girls to clients is a good ration if a place is not busy you will end up playing with your mobile and catching up with your face book posts.   Generally management will let you keep the tips, check this out just in case they want a cut of your earnings. Check when you get paid, daily payment is a good idea.

Regular customers the pitfalls

Most Adult Dance venues have a lot of regular customers that all the regular girls knew which made it very hard to even sit down near them. You may have to pay $200+ a night out of your own pocket to work at the clubs, most dance venues in Sydney and Melbourne have similar rules. You could try Brisbane where the erotic dance industry is alive and well. You may find higher-earning along with the tourist town which serves

The tourist industry like Gold Coast

So who should I call for a job, Try some of our advertisers, to work in the adult industry a business must be licensed to operate?

Pole lap stripper dancing jobs in Melbourne BrisbaneYour right, safety is incorporated into their charter so you can feel safer and be assured that the venue’s security ensures your well looked after.

Legal issues for the adult industry

So what are the legal issues in the Adult industry in Australia, firstly be aware the law changes from state to state, some states like Western Australia, and South Australia still have an outdated approach to sex workers.  The adult industry in Sydney is more enlightened, for example, it is legal to advertise for adult jobs.

Melbourne is also progressive but not as progressive as Sydney, Brisbane probably comes number three in terms of ranking, the law here is outdated as well, and for example, it is not possible to advertise for escorts in Queensland. However one can advertise for exotic dancing, lap dancing but the venue has to be for your eyes only and generally not linked to a brothel. Pole lap stripper dancing jobs in Melbourne Brisbane.

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