Receptionist Needed for a Legal and Classy Gentlemen’s Club in Inner Sydney

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Receptionist Needed for a Legal and Classy Gentlemen’s Club in Inner Sydney:

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We are on the lookout for a Receptionist

A very high-class legal brothel located in St Peters requires an experienced receptionist. We have brand new premises and 5-star rooms to the highest standard. Currently, we are on the location of the old Amore brothel, but the new premises are light years ahead of the old establishment. We need an experienced receptionist to help us move in the right direction and make our business a leading brothel in Sydney.

You will be answering phones, giving descriptions to clients, and greeting the customers. Computer literacy, such as updating the website with new illustrations, taking and resizing the photos of the workers, and using word, excel documents, are required. You will be in charge of organizing the roster, other office-related duties, and basic housekeeping.

Receptionist Needed for a Legal and Classy Gentlemen’s Club in Inner Sydney: This is a drug-free premise 

This is a drug-free premise. The owner is an engineer with an MBA degree.

This place has full kitchen amenities, free Wi-Fi, drinks, and snacks. We employ full-time cleaners and have the best imaginable rooms for the adult industry.

It would help if you were honest, hard-working, well-spoken, well-presented, reliable, and ambitious. Wages plus a generous bonus system based on the number of customers served will make the remuneration package.

Quick Details

Experience: Adult industry experience in a management position is Helpful.

Earnings: Successful applicants should expect to earn north of $30 per hour

Hours: Day and Night Shifts. Day shifts are 11 am to 7 pm, and night shifts are 7 pm to 2 am (Sunday, Monday), 7 pm to 3 am (Tuesday to Thursday) and 7 pm to 5 am (Friday and Saturday)

A Receptionist is needed for a Legal, Very High-Class Gentlemen’s Club in Inner Sydney.

Part-time or Full-time positions are available. Weekend and evening availability is required.

To Apply: Please send an email to [email protected]

Location: 673 King Street St Peters NSW 2044 (1-minute walk to St Peter’s train station). Plenty of street parking is available.

For more information, please visit:

My experience 

The media glamorizes prostitution and presents the illusion that it’s sexually liberating for women, and sex industry lobbyists claim that it’s just regular work. For a long time, I accepted this without question.

I was a receptionist in a legal brothel in Melbourne, Australia, for two years, and I’d say things like these women choose to do this work; the men are nice guys; it’s just a job; it’s no different from doing massage; and it’s a lot better than flipping burgers in a hot, greasy kitchen.

This was my survival instinct, and this is how women in the industry make it through the night. You tell yourself it’s OK and think of the money. It’s what you do to make the best of a bad situation and to stop feeling too awful about yourself.

There’s nthere’snormal or empowering about prostitution. But I couldn’t say twasn’t until I’d been I’d of the industry for two years.

I was all in

At the time, I was doing an art degree and was convinced that “sex work” was an “xciting and legitimate career for women. So much so that I wanted to make a graphic novel about the industry. I commissioned stories from women on the inside and created illustrations for “The Hone” Pot,” as I de”ided to call the book.

But my plans didn’t fadidn’to place. I gave the graphic novel a red hot go, but it didn’t fedidn’tht. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t couldn’ts life seem like an empowering choice for women, and eventually, the penny dropped. I began to see that it was dait’s, sedy, and dangerous.

Even sitting on the reception desk in an up-market legal brothel was awful. I hate to imagine what it must be like for women in illegal brothels; those who are forced, underage, can’t specan’tglish and have no choice. Receptionist Legal and Classy Gentlemen’s Club in Inner Sydney. 

Lack of experience is an advantage.

A young woman can enter a legal brothel in Melbourne and begin work immediately. There are no background checks, and no references, qualifications or training is required. All you need is an ID that looks reasonably legitimate. The management didn’t cadidn’tit fake; anyway, there was no way of checking.

The women were supposed to be at least 18, but getting the fake ID off the internet is easy. A few years after I stopped working in the brothel, it was busted for having a 14-year-old girl doing a shift. The younger and more vulnerable and with less experience, the more money you make.

Receptionist for a Legal Very High Class Gentlemen's Club in Inner Sydney
Sydney has licensed brothels that are closely monitored and regulated to minimize danger to your health. Most are professionally run, but always be careful; find out the cost of whatever you are involved in. Receptionist for a Legal, Very High Class

Any brothel receptionist will tell you that the most common question punters ask is how old is the youngest girl. And they always want the new girls. They like them as young as possible because they are easier to manipulate into doing things they don’t wandon’tdo. Require a Receptionist for a job in Legal Very High-Class GentlemenGentlemen’sInner Sydney.

Porn playing in every room

Escort Jobs Available in Sydney Immediate Start
Sex is a momentary itch; love never lets you go.

There was hard-core porn playing in every room, including the reception area, and you couldn’t.

Men would ask me what the women did. It was clear they wanted what they saw in pornography, and I knew what that was because I was forced to watch it every shift. Porn never has condoms; there’ll be men ejaculating on a woman’s fwoman’srbal abuse, anal sex, choking, hair pulling, slapping – and this is ordinary mainstream porn. The proliferation of internet porn has forced women to engage in sexual practices that hardly existed 20 years ago.

The punters wanted the women to look like the porn actresses – very young, like teenagers, blonde, with breast implants and no pubic hair. Because of this and the constant competition with more youthful and attractive women, many had numerous cosmetic procedures and surgery. This would eat into their income, leaving them even more financially disadvantaged.

Single mums

Quite a high proportion of the women in the brothel were single mothers. They said they chose it because of the flexibility of the hours. Most of them did the night shift and looked after their children during the day. But surely there should be better choices than this for women and mothers in particular? It makes me see how much we need equal pay and better opportunities for women, and more flexibility so that work can fit around the responsibilities of motherhood. No woman should have to resort to prostitution.

When there is no real face-to-face connection with the customer, phone and text sex is the most straightforward sex business labour. Overexposure, on the other hand, may induce brain damage and an intense hatred of all males. This is usually because the guys who utilize these services have the lowest degree of sexuality.

And as for the sperm, she’d seeshe’dring from his big cockhead so many times on camera. She had now experienced the sensation of his fresh come flooding her insides and collecting down her thighs for the first time. The best part of it, however, was that she had tasted his scorching cum as he bent down in front of her. And milked the last few drips of his juice into her open mouth and over her hungry tongue.

In a nutshell, you are working as a receptionist in a high-class gentlemen’s ers a variety of advantages, such as high financial compensation and the opportunity to have positive relations with fellow emone’sployees and clients. The ideal option for your future job is this one if you are not prepared to interact effectively with customers. 

Receptionist Needed for a Legal and Classy Gentlemen’s Club in Inner Sydney: Elegant Extras

Other high-end spa service requirements include providing a designated area for jewellery and cell phones, adjusting tables with heat, and offering visitors music selections. The rooms must be significant, peaceful, well-furnished, and equipped with everything the therapist would want during a session.

Before the session, load on materials like a warm neck roll, aromatherapy oils, heated stones, and other items. Knowing the guest’s guests for the remainder of her stay and directing her to her subsequent treatment or back to the lounge is excellent. It’s important to address her by name, thank her for coming in, and extend an invitation to return. Require a Receptionist for a job in Legal Very High-Class Gentlemen’s Inner Sydney

Always re‐confirm appointment details with the agency

Someone once told me that girl‐on‐top positions could burn as many calories per hour as one of those gym steppers machines. The gent is apt to give out before you have achieved a fat‐burning workout. 

Receptionist Needed for a Legal and Classy Gentlemen’s Club in Inner Sydney.

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