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South Bank is home to lush parklands, restaurants, cafés, and bars, as well as boardwalks and promenades along the riverside that are popular with joggers and cyclists. Most sightseeing tours around Brisbane include a stop at South Bank, but one of the best ways to see it is from the water on a Brisbane River cruise. Apply for Brothel jobs Sydney Escort jobs in South Bank and Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings. Escort Jobs in Sydney Now

I am an extremely intelligent, well-mannered, witty, and sincere Luxury Companion. I possess class, elegance, and beauty.  I am a true hedonistic soul with an insatiable desire to experience life to the fullest and create amazing memories. I am a curvy woman with confidence. Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney Now.

Escort jobs in Sydney top ratesHow to Get There

South Bank is connected to Brisbane’s city center by Victoria Bridge. Goodwill Bridge to the south also offers access for pedestrians and cyclists. To get there by public transportation, take the train to South Bank Station or the Brisbane Busway to South Bank Busway Station.

I Am Very in Touch With My Feminine Side and Adore Being With a Gentleman

Refined lady required

A gentleman appreciates the company of a refined lady in public and a wildcat in the boudoir. I am very comfortable to be around and My unique outlook on life will keep you laughing. I am naturally seductive and playful and most of the friends I see end up becoming long-term friends. With many fun and exciting things to look forward to now and in the future.

I Am College Educated and Worldly With a Very Unique Set of Skills 

I offer not only elite companion experiences as well as being knowledgeable of dark fetishes. Yes, I am a True Goddess who can be your experienced guide into the BDSM Arts. For those who are curious of course, I became a Dominatrix very young. And I have a Natural Curiosity in the exploration of non-vanilla escapes. Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney Now.


Escort Jobs in Sydney
I am the blonde girl next door you have spent an eternity yearning for. I dare you to come taste… When you finally get your hands on me, you will find yourself drawn in by the brilliant blue of my eyes. My infectious laugh will immediately calm your fiery nerves as we usher in long awaited bliss. You will find yourself grasping my smooth blonde hair and trailing your hands over my eager supple body. Please, let me take you to heights you are yet to explore. You may be wondering if you’ve seen me before? We likely have shared a space. Maybe when I’ve been jogging outside on a warm spring day in tiny shorts and sprinkled in sweat, sipping coffee in denim cutoffs at the park or worshipping the sun in my heavenly body at your favourite beach. I take deep pleasure in other’s voyeurism, the thought of your eyes on me sends throbbing tremors through me. I can’t wait to indulge your fantasy behind closed doors.

AGE: 25 BUST: 34D BODY: 8 HAIR: Brunette EYES: Hazel HEIGHT: 5’7″ NATIONALITY: South American


PERFUME: Jo Malone FLOWERS: Peonies FOOD: Sushi ALCOHOL: Gin SHOES: Christian Louboutin LINGERIE: Honey Birdette

About Me

I can create the magical influence that a work of art has over an individual, evoking feelings of desire, sentiment, and inspiration.


AGE: 24 BUST: 36D BODY: 8 HAIR: Black EYES: Hazel HEIGHT: 5’7″ NATIONALITY: North American


PERFUME: Jimmy Choo Signature FLOWERS: Rose FOOD: Burger ALCOHOL: Vodka SHOES: Mihai Albu LINGERIE: Victoria Secret

About Me

I love my profession and waiting to satisfy your erotic sexual needs. I’m open to fulfilling all your sexual desires, ensuring maximum pleasure and satisfaction.


AGE: 20 BUST: 32D BODY: 8 HAIR: Blonde EYES: blue HEIGHT: 5’7″ NATIONALITY: English


PERFUME: Tom Ford Black Orchid. FLOWERS: White Rose FOOD: Noodles ALCOHOL: wine SHOES: Sergio Rossi LINGERIE: Amante

About Me

I’m a woman who loves sex. Therefore, I will make sure you will have the best erotic experience and naughty time with me.


Escort Jobs in Sydney
FANTASY: ($500 per hour) Passionate kissing Cuddling Sensual Massage Hand Job BJ (covered) Balls licking and sucking Oral on me 69 Rimming (on me) Face sitting (on you) Ass worship Ass & pussy spanking Dirty talk Outfit requests COB Foot fetish (needs to be discussed prior) Role play including taboo (needs to be discussed prior) *(FANTASY does NOT include full service)

AGE: 26 BUST: 34D BODY: 8 HAIR: Black EYES: black HEIGHT: 5’6″ NATIONALITY: East German


PERFUME: Calvin Klein Euphoria FLOWERS: Red Rose FOOD: Cakes ALCOHOL: Vodka and Tonic SHOES: Salvatore Ferragamo LINGERIE: Versace Lingerie

About Me

I specialize in blow jobs and will get you to cum all over my face. I talk less and like to get into the act quickly than others would.


Escort Jobs in Sydney Highest Earnings
GFE: ($700 per hour) Full service Covered BJ Handjob Oral on me Multiple positions Multiple orgasms Cuddling Passionate kissing PSE: ($800 per hour) Full service Rimming on me Ass Spanking Pussy or face (light) slapping Roleplay including taboo (discuss prior to booking) Oral on me 69 Foot Fetish (discuss prior) Outfit request Dirty talk Ass worship Balls licking and sucking BJ (covered) Multiple positions Multiple orgasms Passionate kissing

AGE: 32 BUST: 36D BODY: 10 HAIR: Black EYES: black HEIGHT: 5’6″ NATIONALITY: Italian


PERFUME: Diptyque Eau Capitale. FLOWERS: Lilly FOOD: Soup ALCOHOL: Red Label SHOES: Stuart Weitzman LINGERIE: Chantelle

About Me

My English is very fluent and likes to get my clients to eat my pussy. I’m clean and classy for the top gentlemen. I’m all yours for you to enjoy.

Escort Jobs in Sydney South

She can be a sassy and fashionable young woman. She should be well-versed in the seductive art of foreplay, as well as her raw enjoyment of intercourse. As an experienced and confident lover. We’re searching for a young lady who enjoys meeting new people and enjoys joking, gratifying, and playing. The lady should be willing to get undressed with ease. Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney South.

Sydney Requires Sexy Escorts, But There are Just a Few Openings

The young lady should be discreet, spotless, and sensual. Simply put, she is a totally outgoing, sophisticated, beautiful lady with style who understands. On how to fulfill and satisfy a man’s highest ideals, pleasures, and dreams. There are a limited number of openings, so apply as soon as possible. This girl must be daring, voracious behind closed doors, and enjoys the taste of fresh opportunities and dreams realized.

Escort Jobs in Sydney Kings Cross

It’s got to be a gorgeous and lovely blonde from Sydney. We ought to make our clients’ dreams come true. Super erotic massage, deep kisses, showering together, and heated sex are also must-haves. It is important to be clean and presentable. Any of the sessions can be memorable in every way. Clients must be pampered, and the girlfriend must be willing to satisfy our clients’ dreams! Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney Kings Cross.

Natural Beauty, Elegance, and a Slim Figure are Needed

On stressful evenings or fun-filled days, she can enjoy meeting new people and giving them a nice time. She must be laid-back, open-minded, amusing, discreet, and quick to get along with. Have the ability to seduce customers and lead them on an erotic trip through the unknown by having sensuality. I’m savoring all the tasty assurances that come with being a woman of my means. It has to be a natural elegance.

Escort Jobs in Sydney Central

If your escort offers a GFE (Girlfriend Experience), she’ll be delighted to kiss and cuddle you right away. Get the cash transaction out of the way first. And then she’ll need to call her agency and inform them that she’s arrived. That you’re well, and that she has the money. This is when the good times begin. Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney Central.

Always Take a Shower Before You See an Escort?

Before your escort appears, take a shower. When she enters, have the escort fee ready and wait for her. If you’ve scheduled an in-call because, for example, you’re going straight from work. And won’t be able to shower until you start, ask her before you arrive. Once you’ve paid her the bill if you can use her shower.  If you’ve already shared your needs on the phone. It’ll be relatively simple to jump right into whatever positions you all choose to fill.

Escort Jobs in Sydney CBD

You should be willing to provide the customer with a pleasurable and fun experience, much as his partner did. Be friendly and take your time to ensure that you are fully pleased with all of your erotic abilities. You should not be resentful of company, and you should be charming and willing to express something that makes you happy. To attract guys, have a lovely curvy body and juicy breasts. Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney CBD.

If You Have the Looks Make Use of It

We need a bright and vivacious girlfriend who can provide unrivaled service and resources. Keep customers satisfied and they will come back for more. There’s a lot of money to be had if you’re young and attractive. And can convince customers to blow off their socks. It’s important to be able to have the Girlfriend experience. Be open to providing programs to all categories of men, young, elderly, and obese.

Escort Jobs in Sydney

A successful escort agency would be familiar with her escorts and will be willing to tell you that. A successful representative would then offer to refer you to someone who will not only meet your physical and aesthetic needs but also provide you with the resources you need. This saves time for all involved, including you, but it must be accomplished with caution. Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney.

Make It Clear to the Escorts What You’re Searching For

If your preferred escort is open, you will be contacted by phone to talk more. Please feel free, to be frank about what you want from and with her, but do it with charm. This is often the opportunity to inform the escort about any additional conditions, such as clothes, toys, or situations. Make sure the escort you book is ready to satisfy you. Get your money worth and have a great time.

Escort Jobs in Sydney

One of the most vexing aspects of being an escort is that it may be difficult to maintain an intimate relationship. In every relationship, envy and emotional stability are still a problem. Working in the sex industry just exacerbates these issues. As a consequence, escorts are often forced to choose between their profession and an unstable lover. Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney.

Creating Connections

According to what I’ve seen and learned, there are main troubled moments to expect when starting a new relationship. The first is anytime you start dating a new person. When to tell your future boyfriend that you work in the sex business is a tough decision. When things move from a casual fling to a serious relationship. It’s normally a smart idea to bring up the topic.

There are Times When Things Become Difficult

Then another round of difficulty starts some months later. When the relationship’s original sexual tension begins to diminish. During this time, your boyfriend will become nervous and feel insecure about your escort job. Although he does not consider your escorting to be adultery. He is left alone at home while you are out “having fun.” While open relationships can offer a short-term solution to the issue, the underlying causes remain.

Ten reasons to be an Escort in Sydney

  • You can earn a lot of money
  • You can have a great lifestyle
  • You will meet interesting people
  • You will meet the rich and powerful
  • You can buy a house
  • You can buy a dream car
  • You will make new friends every day
  • You will work with people like you.
  • You can reach for the stars
  • You will be your own person

Escort Job in Sydney Today

Asian girls from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan are required for an Escort job in Sydney. It’s really rewarding to work as an escort in Sydney. More than the fun the money that can be earned is worth the effort. Sexy young girls from these countries are in high demand. Apply for Escort Job in Sydney, Escort jobs in Sydney Highest Earnings.

Escort Jobs in Sidney

If men and adolescent boys only knew what dirty minds some girls have! They would feel so much better about their own dirty minds. I fantasize about sex a large part of the time, whether I’m sitting in a boring class, or in church. Or watching men discreetly, of course in a shopping mall, and of course when I masturbate. Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings Apply for Escort jobs in Sidney.

Sometimes I do it several times a day

My most often used method is to lie on my stomach in bed and rub my bare cunt up and down against the sheet. This method is also easy to disguise as merely sleeping if someone comes into the room. I can have very intense orgasms this way, especially if I don’t do it too often. And if I tease myself by bringing myself to the edge again and again. Before finally letting the climax come.

Private Escort Jobs in Sydney

Our friendship is becoming uneasy. Because we are related, we can and do share everything. Because of our age, attraction is possible ‐ but, obviously, off‐limits. When the subject of sex does come up, being shy and clever as we are, we couch it in the most neutral terms possible for escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings. Theoretically, working through an agency should prevent ghost bookings: the people who express interest in your services. Apply for escorts jobs in Sydney.

Escort Jobs in Sydney
EXTRAS: advance notice required +$300 Anal/ Greek (For clients I have seen at least once previously). +$200 Pegging (douching prep required prior to booking) +$200 Golden Shower (on you) +$200 Filming per 10 mins (with my tripod/phone with no face shown) COUPLES: ($1000 per hour) MY RECOMMENDED BOOKING: The Mini Day Break (5 hrs- social & intimate) (Can be any day between the hours of 10am-10pm, hotel incall included) – Let’s decide on something relaxing & stimulating to do together such as; a walk around the botanic gardens, a visit to the Art Gallery of NSW or the Museum of Contemporary Art, a ferry ride around the harbour, lounging at the beach, some shopping at your favourite stores, or an indulgent brunch, lunch or dinner. Then we can slip back to the hotel (before &/or afterwards and enjoy all of the sensual pleasures.

Matching underwear, sexy and tempting

For looks, not for comfort. Early on the manager emphasized the particular look she likes the girls to have: big, expensive, lacy pants. No thongs Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings. More is more. Garter belts are cliched but a nice touch. Don’t invest in anything that will be difficult to get in and out of. It must be clean and well‐fining. There’s nothing more unattractive than rolls of back fat or the dreaded double cleavage from an ill‐fining bra.

Keep it clean 

If you don’t wax or shave clean, keep the hair trimmed. Look out for any odd swelling, redness, discharge, or discoloration. And if you notice these symptoms, get yourself to a clinic as soon as. Do those squeezy tightening exercises gynecologists are always on about. Men love that. Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings read on. Good, she said, and turned away again, facing the boys, her head propped on one hand. Gazing, I noticed, in the direction of a particular young man. Her own boyfriend had stayed at home.

Holiday sex is always the best sex 

I’ve had it everywhere ‐ Poole, Blackpool, swimming pools. Someone else makes the bed afterward, empties the bin of spent condoms. Even picks up your wet and smelly towels from the floor. If the people below are kept up all night with the noises above, odds are either they won’t know which people were responsible. They’ll be away the next morning anyway, or you can get away with a mild blush and a sheepish giggle. Apply for escorts jobs in Sydney.

Escort Jobs in Sydney
(A meal will be required to sustain my energy & curvy physique, entry fees and travel will also need to be taken care of by you.) BOOKING INSTRUCTIONS: Txt 0434 094 830 A respectful & concise introduction is crucial in securing a booking. I am currently receiving hundreds of messages a day (so unfortunately need to turn down the vast majority) so please include the following info in your FIRST message & make it easy for me to accept your booking. 1: Your name: 2: The date, time and length of booking: 3: Location (my incall in Potts Point) or outcall: 4: Which service: PSE, GFE, or FANTASY 5: Deposit method: Beem it, ATM deposit, bank transfer, Crypto currency NB. $150 deposit (per hour booked) will be required to lock in your booking, the remaining amount is to be paid in cash upon arrival) I’m very well educated, well protected and well connected… only gentlemen will make it past this point.

Escort Jobs in Sydney For fun-loving girls

How to prepare for an interview

All types of jobs have the same structure and pattern for interviews and sex work is no different. Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings. Below of some of the common interview questions that can be asked for Escort jobs in Sydney.

  • When taking your personal history or talking to you during appointments, do clients ever refer to your sex work? How do they do it?

  • Do you feel they respect and understand your work? How do they demonstrate this?

  • Are there phrases or words that the health care providers have used that made you feel more able to talk about your work?

  • How about in terms of the way they talk to you – their manner, body language?

  • Do you find clients use the same words to describe sex work as you?  Can you tell me when it hasn’t been handled well?

  • Are there phrases or words used by the clients that made you feel uncomfortable about sharing your sex work?

  • Have there been times when their manner or body language has stopped you from sharing your work? How?

  • How would you like your sex work to be acknowledged and referred to by the health care providers?

  • When you discuss you, your life, and what matters to you with your clients, do you think your sex work should be part of that discussion? Why? How?

  • Since you have had this diagnosis, do you ever feel that you have been treated differently or unfairly because you identify as a sex worker?

  • Do you have any questions that you think you’d like to ask your clients but don’t?  Are there questions you feel the health care providers don’t ask you?

Escorts are those who engage in sexual acts for monetary gain

Such acts can include everything from stripping and dancing to S&M, to sexual intercourse. The term prostitution specifically refers to the exchange of intercourse for some material good. For our purposes, the sex worker is the term used to denote anyone. Who exchanges sexual intercourse for money or some other material good.

Indoor Escorts

Indoor Escorts are those women in our sample who engage in sex work indoors, versus outdoor workers who conduct their work on the street. Which includes a variety of “types” of indoor workers, including escorts, independents. Who work from their homes, or in bars or clubs. Women who work in establishments, such as brothels, crack dens, dungeons, or massage parlors. Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney.

What to look for in an employer

Escort agencies usually have an hourly rate, and some have a minimum number of hours that you may be charged for. Both of these factors can influence how much you pay as commission for the services offered. More than that, some services may charge you more for dates with specific individuals whose services may be in higher demand.


In addition to comparing rates, you should also compare privacy terms for different agencies. Most agencies indicate that they offer some level of privacy to their clients. But some go to great lengths to operate with great discretion. The dates with some agencies may be well-trained to be discrete as well when doing Escort jobs in Sydney.

When you are thinking about using an escort agency for the first time

You understandably want to have a very good idea about what type of experience you can expect before you finalize your reservation. Asking a friend or family member for a referral is usually not a preferred option. A better idea may be to read online reviews about various escort agencies. You should also pay attention to how long the business has been operating. Those that have a long-standing presence in the community may generally be a better option.

It will help if you check the reviews to know what other subscribers think about it

Also, you can contact them via their email support to see how well they respond to queries. If the agency or directory offers an online chat service. You can easily ask for assistance when you have any questions and monitor their response time. Additionally, it will help if you consider the number of people that visit the website on any given day.

Escort Jobs in Sydney
Thanks for stopping at my profile to check me out! I’m Sasha Stephens, Sydney-based but I do tour interstate every so often. Please subscribe to my tours, if you would like to see me when I am in your location or send me an email with your interest. I am the perfect amount of Sweet, Sexy, and Sass! A lustful, dreamy sparkle in my blue eyes and my seductive smile will have all those salacious thoughts running through your mind. Softest of skin, thick and curvaceous size 10 body, full & perk F-cup breasts, and a booty that has to be seen to believe. I take pride in my appearance what you see, is what you get! My clients would say they feel at ease with my down-to-earth, fun, and bubbly personality. I provide the perfect balance of intellectual conversation for those seeking companionship through to naughty and kinky fantasies in the bedroom for those who seek to indulge in their deepest desires.

Ask for recommendations

The best and most reliable way to find a helpful escort agency is to ask for recommendations from relatives and friends. You will get the best advice from people who have used similar services before. They are in a better position to tell you what you can expect from individual agencies. It will help if you ensure you get as many recommendations as possible. It will help you compare and contrast before you make the final decision.

Qualities you should have

A high-end escort is a professional companion who provides for sophisticated gentlemen looking for more than just a girl with a pretty face. While in the unconventional adult industry as it were.

An elite high-end escort is endorsed to the gentlemen who are looking for a real woman that is authentic. This type of escort is a real companion which provides emotional intimacy. Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney.

Not only do high-end escorts dress professionally and look incredible. But they have interests in a range of things, such as being wined and dined. Participating in sex chat lines and helping to make you feel good.

Overall look

Of course, the escorting industry is still based on the image just like with the modeling industry. So it is important that you have a fresh face. A classic and timeless beauty coupled with a flawless complexion as well as lovely features. And just like a model, you need a blank canvas in order to provide what the clients prefer to some extent.

Lifestyle and physique

Aside from looking beautiful, you need to be physically excellent. But this is not to say that there is a certain body type or height that works. But whatever your height or body type is, you need to be in exceptional physical condition. You need to be really fit whether you’re an hourglass shape or have a supermodel physique. Since you are working at the level of elite. It’s time you applied for Escort jobs in Sydney.


Old-fashioned schooling education is somewhat seen as rather conventional by the elite set of escorts. But it is still something bowed to and considered as a typical requirement in order to prove your ability to obligate to and achieve something in your youth. And then we have the more organic kind of education of life which includes. Music, art, theatre, opera, conversation, travel, and interaction with cultures just to name a few.


In today’s social climate, this is a really important factor. Showing your shape is tempting. Showing your flesh is rather common, tacky and not accepted in high society. An elite escort girl protects her image by choosing to wear modest and classic style and wears it well. The goal here is to be inconspicuous; sophisticated and elegant. But never showy or shout for attention for the wrong reasons.

Skills you must have

While there are many reasons why people get into the escort business. It is always important to remember that this is a career that features successful and unsuccessful individuals. With the advent of online marketing, the playing field has been leveled. And every escort needs more than just a pretty face to get the clients rolling in. There are very many skills that one can master as an escort, and we have featured the five basic skills that will give you an edge in the market.

Be Assertive in the Sweetest Way Possible

Escorts are involved in an industry whereby any violation of boundaries can lead to great risk and harm, both to themselves and their clients. Because of this, drawing boundaries is an art and a means of survival, as it makes the difference between a great session and a bad day at work. However, establishing boundaries is useless unless they are enforced, especially when dealing with clients who pretend not to see them.

Kill them with kindness!

Assertiveness is the ability to stand up for yourself and still maintain a cordial relationship. When the client tries to go beyond the set rules, you should be able to tell him no without offending him or hurting his feelings. This involves the use of endearment terms and polite terms, all while ensuring your tone is sincere and yet firm. Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney.

Your Image Is Your Greatest Asset…Use It

Unlike other careers where looks are secondary, escorts rely on their looks to get clients. While you do not have to be the size zero classic beauty portrayed in magazines, the effort you put into creating your image will make or break you. However, this goes beyond hair, makeup, and dressing. In addition to perfecting your makeup skills, keeping your hair presentable, and dressing in a way that flatters your figure.

Self-confidence is the best accessory!

A confident escort is comfortable in her own skin and will be a pleasure to have around. Additionally, your website and/or profile should feature images that are professionally done and descriptions that are professionally written. Your image is your personal advertisement, and no one ever goes for products that are shoddily packaged and poorly marketed.

Escort Jobs in Sydney Highest Earnings
I am very easy going with an immense appetite for sexual adventure and pleasure. I prefer bookings in advance, but don’t hesitate to try me at short notice. To any new clients, my booking process can sometimes seem to be a little strict this is to filter out the nuisance and ensure those genuinely wanting to meet with me can do so. My incall is located only a 10 minute drive from CBD, Outcalls are available for bookings in advance only and to CBD hotel only Can’t wait to meet you Sasha Stephens xxx MAKING YOU HORNY AND MAKING YOU SMILE ARE MY TWO FAVOURITE THINGS Passionate, Sensual & Intimate Longer & Overnight Bookings Packages Available Erotic Massage Swedish Massage Body Slides Shower for 2 Sensual Kissing Hugs & Cuddles DFK Passionate Kissing

Keep fit

While maintaining yourself may seem expensive, you should consider it as an investment since you are the product in your business. Taking the time to invest in a good website, great photos and even a workout and diet regimen is bound to produce results. And you will be able to see a return on your investment soon enough. As an escort, you have to always make sure that you are on top of your game to keep reaping the benefits.

How to manage your health once you have a job

Whether you are an independent escort or working under an agency, there are always guidelines set in place to ensure safety. Ensuring that you take the time to screen clients is of utmost importance. Many independent escorts confess that most of their time is spent checking out potential clients to ensure that they are who they say they are. While it may be a pain in the ass, it is a necessary evil. Overlooking this step may get you in trouble, and cause you irreparable damage. It is important that you set up a screening procedure that ensures you can meet the client with relative ease. Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney.

Trust your instincts!

Most escorts maintain that their gut instinct is always right, and some have horrid stories arising from when they ignored their instincts. Always make sure that you keep your sixth sense in the driving seat at all times. Even if the clients pass the screening, if you have a nagging sense of danger, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Always ensure that you don’t see an “emergency” client as this would mean that your screening process will be rushed and you may overlook important clues. Any “emergency dates” should be limited to the clients you know for sure you can trust, and even in these instances, always ensure that you have a safety contingency plan in place. Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney.

Skills you will need to develop physically i.e massage techniques

For those of you who do not know what the responsibilities of an escort are. An escort is a person hired by people primarily for the purpose of companionship. But there are several other reasons as to why people tend to hire escorts, one of them is to fulfill their sexual needs.

Private Massage

Another service that escorts tend to provide is that they give you body massages. This might come as a surprise to most but professional escorts hired from adult escort agencies. Tend to have training for escorts to be better and giving a good massage is one of them. Traditionally escorts were hired for the purpose of keeping loneliness at bay. By having someone to talk to, to take as a date to an event, which is still the case these days but with added services.


Most of the time people do not even know that professional escorts can provide different kinds of services to you nowadays. Most people go for the services that traditionally escorts offer i.e. companionship. And a listening ear or to go to an event as a plus one. Escorts and their services have changed a lot over the last two decades.  Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney.

Mental and psychological skills you will need to develop and use.

Escort services vary depending on the escort as well as the client. There is no “one size fits all” service model, as each client has their own preferences. This, therefore, means that an escort cannot set a fixed price unless the service is pretty straightforward. Like dinner and drinks for an hour or a cam session with pre-specified acts. However, for the most part, the services have to be tailored to meet the client’s needs.

High-class negotiation is mandatory!

These additional services require a price negotiation that will ensure both parties are at par. For this reason, an escort with great negotiation skills. Will be able to charge three times the market rate for a specific service, even though they may not be doing anything extra.  Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney.

Upsell yourself

Upselling yourself without coming off as a braggart or too good to be true is a skill that has to be learned. A perfect balance of humility and the promise of high-quality service requires constant practice in order to achieve it. This makes the client long for you and gives you the upper hand. Allowing you to direct the negotiations and in the end, to get exactly what you want or even more.

Negotiating power

Your negotiating power is directly related to how you market yourself, so ensure that your image screams high-class sophistication. It is also worth remembering that most people usually get shy when money is being discussed. Get comfortable with the subject, and create a poker face that ensures the client cannot tell. Whether the amount mentioned has completely blown you away, as they will be able to get an upper hand. Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney.

Adult jobs Escort jobs in Sydney
CBJ Protected Blowjob Mutual Play Mutual Oral (on you and me) Rimming (on me) 69 Sex in all Positions Multiple Shots EXTRAS BBBJ Natural Blowjob ~ PORN STAR EXPERIENCE ~ ITS ONLY DIRTY WHEN YOUR DOING IT RIGHT Naughty, Kinky & a lot of F#cking Longer & Overnight Bookings Packages Available ALL OF GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE PLUS THE BELOW BBBJ Natural Blowjob Deep Throat Face Fucking Gagging & Choking on your cock CIM/CIMWS/COB/COF Toy Play Vibrators, Dildos Butt Plugs Pussy & Ass (on me) Squirting Face Sitting Greek / Anal Sex (on me) Harder Sex Ass Worship Foot Fetish Light Spanking Light Hair Pulling Other extras when requested (No Natural Sex) Fantasy & Fetish

How to manage your money

Escorting is a cash-based business, and boy is there a lot of it. From affluent clients to high-flying escorts traveling the globe. With all this money flying about it can be difficult to keep track of your finances, so here is a little handy guide to keep you on top of your money.

There is a lot of Money in Escorting and some spending

There is a lot of money to be made in Escorting. There is no denying that this is a very lucrative business to be in for the select few ladies who possess the attributes. Both physical and personal, to become the best of the best. Clients who come to escort agencies are affluent and accomplished and expect the best of the best.

Spending your money wisely.

Now that’s the hard part. It’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t and there’s a lot of superstition involved in sex work advertising. Especially because where you are getting your clients from is often hard to know.  As a result, people tend to keep ads up that are not working for them just. Because they always had them or out of fear that if they make a change their work will slow.

You are in this business to make money and advertising is a business decision

If the money you invest in ads pays off then it’s a good investment. If it’s not paying off how you want then you need to find something that works better for you. Set yourself a monthly budget and get to putting up and tracking your ads. Keep in mind that spending your hard-earned cash wisely is the key.  Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney.

How to deal with your friends, do you keep your work secret or not

Booking with a top agency also means your privacy and safety are guaranteed. These girls are used to mixing with all kinds of men. From members of the highest rungs of society to super-successful businessmen. So they understand the need for discretion, and won’t ever put a client’s reputation at risk. Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings. They’re also carefully vetted by the agency too, who keep a close eye on everything from an escort’s health to her behavior.

Career option to earn more as you become more skilled in the art of being an escort

The evidence from this dataset suggests that as escorts age in their twenties their earnings increase. Peaking somewhere between the age of 26-30, and decreasing as they age after 30. One alternative explanation is that escorts earnings decline. As they age and increase as they gain experience.

When sex workers are in their twenties, the second effect dominates experience increases their earnings by more than aging decreases it. When they reach their thirties, however, the first effect dominates aging which decreases their earnings by more than experience increases it.  Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney.

Your Clients  Expectations Require Adaptability

No two escorts are exactly the same, and for sure no two clients are the same. Every client will have expectations with regards to the services they have purchased. This, therefore, means that you will have to be able to accommodate their needs in order to ensure their satisfaction.

The client is the master!

One client may need a listening ear, while another may require you to play the devoted girlfriend. Whichever direction the session takes, you have to be able to rise to the occasion with relative ease. Your ability to get into character comes with practice, and this skill allows you to sufficiently entertain clients from all walks of life. Always remember that the characters you play also come with their own set of costumes. So you need to explore the looks that will accurately match up, and take the time to create that image.  Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney.

Escort Jobs in Sydney
A gentle knock rouses you from your deep imaginings. As you open the door, there I stand. A bundle of blonde hair and toned limbs just at your fingertips, you’ll notice a cool elegance and welcoming demeanour that immediately puts you at ease. We lock eyes, and I smile a knowing smile. You’re exactly where you need to be, with the key-holder to your pleasure-filled escape. Standing 5’4” without my shoes on, I’m petite and will probably stand on my tippy toes to kiss you, and wrap my arms around your neck. I have long, rapunzel-style blonde hair that cascades down to a squeezable behind, lively green eyes with flecks of cinnamon, prominent cheekbones and soft, kissable lips. My skin is lightly tanned and soft to touch, and I have one tattoo. My physique is tight, toned and graceful like a ballerina, my energy grounding and familiar.

20 reasons to be an Escort in Sydney

  1.  Get an escort job in Sydney and enjoy the money & pleasure.

Want a job as a Sydney Escort? Please click here?

Most escorts usually offer any company that you may desire, as long as you get to pay for it. If you wish to have a good time but do not have someone to share it with, hiring an escort may be the solution. Escorts specialize in ensuring that you have a great time, meaning that you will get good value for your money.

2. As a Sydney escort, you will fulfill your client’s fantasies.

Private Sydney escort jobs

Another main reason you should hire an escort is to help you fulfill your greatest desires and fantasies. Most escorts will do almost anything for you or with you, at the right price.

If there is anything that you have not been able to achieve with any partner before, you might achieve it with an escort because of any reason.

3. Enjoy the high life in Sydney in a Sydney escort job.

Start today in a Sydney escort job.

There are some functions or events which may require you to attend with some company. Not everyone is usually lucky enough to get someone to go to the event. An escort may be a great solution to help you relax. One of the benefits of choosing a companion is that you get to dictate how they will behave in the event.

4. To get easy Sex

Perfect Escort job in Sydney start today

You can enjoy great Sex without having to go through much trouble by only hiring the services of an escort.

All this usually comes in handy for individuals who are always busy and have little time to socialize and find a sexual partner.

 5. In an escort job in Sydney, you Are Accepted For Who You Are

Cause escorts will always love you, even if you have a third arm growing from the side of your head.

 6. Helpful if you’re ugly

Imagine if the opposite Sex never approached you, and you always had to make the first move, and most of the time, you got rejected, and you had to offer at least to pay for dates. That’s what most men go through!

7. When you take the job as an escort in Sydney Sex, you have real Sex.

It is a huge social taboo, but keep it to yourself and move on. You don’t see any moral fault with it, and to be frank, I find it more honest to go about it this way to get your rocks off rather than go pick up a woman and lead her on emotionally for Sex. Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings.

8. As an escort in Sydney, you’re more likely to have a positive experience.

It’s nice since escorts want the money and therefore will be very friendly to you unless you are some drunk tourist shitbag. The difference to hooking up in a usual way is that you both know what the deal is and why you are here.

9. Sex with an escort means no one leaves with hurt feelings, so why not take a job as a Sydney Escort

The main difference between that and just meeting someone is that you both know what the deal is, and there’s no “courting” process. When you pay for Sex, you have Sex, have a nice day, Wam, thank you, lady. Nobody is looking for anything serious. So nobody is deluded or getting tricked.

10. Life Isn’t Over At 70

If you are 70 years old, very fit, and very active. And your wife has not been into Sex for years, and Sex at home is no longer a proposition. Well, Escorts will ensure you are sexually happy at all times.

11. Most men won’t go sexless forever.

If your wife does not want to play because she is “selfish,” what can a man do other than seek some relief. Most people against prostitution are women who cannot understand a man’s needs.

12. Prostitutes are a Godsend for the disabled, so why not get a prostitute in Sydney.

As a disabled guy, sex workers have been a blessing in helping them come out of my shell and gain confidence. Disabled men are grateful for them and wish they could see them more often.

13. It’s all about the baggage

Sex with an escort is just Sex. Sex with a non-prostitute tends to come with baggage. If all you want is Sex, then it makes sense to not have to carry the baggage, great or small, that a non-prostitute entails.

14. As a Sydney, you help cure loneliness.

If your wife has passed menopause and does not want to have Sex anymore, escorts can accompany you and make your life happen again.

15. Guys want to sleep with MUCH hotter women.

The main reason they all gave. You will be surprised since the guys I asked for are all good-looking, successful in their chosen fields, and have no problem getting dates. But they all agreed to sleep with stunning women. The easiest way was to pay.

Escort Jobs in Sydney
While I spent most of my days studying or meeting my paramours, I’m also a voracious reader, a quadruple Gemini, an avid traveller, and a collector of all things vintage and antique. Also, a casual ballerina, aspiring art historian and animal lover. Probably watches too much Netflix. Above all, I relish the chance to indulge and treasure the company of those who similarly prioritise pleasure. When meeting me, you’ll find I look deceptively innocent. You’re welcome to come experience my hedonic side for yourself. Like an evil little angel, you’ll love how I blow your mind with my special skills — all the while looking the image of purity.

6. Everyone wants to be in control.

Most of them said something is scorching in asking for what you want in bed and getting it, no questions asked. But generally, they all admitted to being more open about what they wanted and more physically satisfied when they paid for Sex. Emotionally, of course, remains to be seen.

17. We all want to indulge in a Sexual fantasy.

Although most of the guys were all single, the old cliché of men asking prostitutes for certain “services” that would offend their wives still exists. One man said that he’d never had better oral Sex in his life than with a prostitute.

18. Fast Track to Sex.

All the guys had used different methods of visiting prostitutes. Two used websites, another visited a brothel, and another took a prostitute’s number from a London phone box. But they all agreed: it was the quickest way to get Sex when they felt the urge.

19. Paid Sex helps to avoid complications.

Most men say that taking home a girl and sleeping with her seems like a great idea until the girl suggests meeting again or wants to start dating or having a relationship. As embarrassed as they were to admit it, many of them said the sure-fire way to have no-strings-attached Sex is to pay for it.

20. The adult sex industry is stable, so working as a Sydney escort can be a rewarding profession.

While the independent escort industry has exceptionally fierce competition, it is much easier for you to make money by joining a legal, registered agency as an escort. And because you only need to compete against other females for the job, it is significantly more comfortable.

Escort jobs in Sydney Call today for an interview. You must be over 18 to work in the adult industry.

Immediate start – Jobs with high $$$$ and accommodation available for Escort, Masseurs, strip dancers, and adult jobs in Sydney CBD, North Sydney, Liverpool, Petersham, Surry Hills, Kings Cross, Rushcutters Bay, New Town, Bondi Beach, and Bondi Beach, The Rocks, Glebe, Hay Market and Ultimo. 

Escort Jobs in Sydney Highest Earnings
Is this you? You’re a man or woman (or a curious couple) of great taste and you like to indulge, taking the time to lick your sticky fingers clean. You’re acutely aware of your standards, and seek an experienced, elegant companion to connect with. You seek style, substance, and a sordid affair to store for future day dreams. Your dream girl? A sweet and sensuous pleasuremonger to treat you like a king (or queen), and make you feel utterly powerful. The dictionary definition of a cutie pie…with the alter ego of your favourite porn star. I eagerly await meeting a fresh face. I’m proudly an inclusive companion, and welcome all ages, races, genders, sexual orientations and (dis)abilities. Kisses, Amber, xoxo PS: Deposits are required for all bookings. I am not available at the last minute, unless my status is marked as “Available Now”. PPS: I am currently only available to fully vaccinated clients. I have had three courses of Pfizer and test myself weekly. I do not expect my clients to provide negative RATs, but please use common sense and reschedule your appointment if you are unwell.

Hush Escorts

For an immediate start,

Phone: 1300 282 414

Mobile: 0426 776 655

Email: [email protected]

Room Service Escorts Sydney

Surry Hills and King’s Cross. We need girls, lots of girls, who want to earn Top $$$$

Call: (02) 9319 0397 or 0420 318 753


Nirvana is located at 400 Cleveland St, Surry Hills, full training is provided, immediate start, friendly management, flexible shifts, great atmosphere, fun and friendly.

Call: 02 9699 0055

All Sydney Escorts


Call: 02 9264 9400 and start work today

Experience in a traditional massage or previous experience in the adult industry, related work experience such as strip dancers is very welcome.

These jobs are ideal for temporary works visa holders on working holiday visas and Students looking for flexible work hours.

At Michelle’s

Escort Jobs in Sydney Highest Earnings
Hello, I am Aria (A-RI-A)… a name to twist your tongue around, scream from the rooftops, or whisper to yourself in reminiscent delight… Take a breath in, and imagine me… Playful and striking. Your heart beating faster as I charm the pants right off you. That hot surge in the air; an instant and palpable attraction. Smooth skinned and squeezable in all the right places – how good I’d look on you. I’m that woman that radiates enormous warmth and irresistible allure. Independent and sometimes, a little eccentric, I love being myself – an uninhibited good girl, with a sharp wit and a warm heart. Fun, affectionate, vivacious, sexy. Someone who believes that, if you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. So, how did I end up here, you ask? I grew up in Australia in a traditional family of Russian and Hawaiian descent. And although my upbringing was traditional, my desires are anything but… I was born with a hungry mind, a penchant for travel, and a mischievous sense of humour.

At Michelle’s 135 Bayswater Rd, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney, NSW. Bad girls go everywhere. Good girls go to heaven. Female Masseurs are required for immediate start—full training given, great team of girls to work with.

Call: 02 9357 6145.

Call Linda for an INTERVIEW ON Mobile 0466 973 199 NOW!! For work in Sydney. Female management who are there for you 24/7

Select Sydney Escorts Escort jobs in Sydney top rates

Select Sydney Escorts have immediate vacancies for girls who have previous experience in the adult industry.

The top rate is you have previous industry experience and fit and drug-free. It would help if you had a cheerful and welcoming personality.

Call: 02 9955 3345


Escort Jobs in Sydney at Empire Escorts. Beautiful and at the same time experienced masseuses are well aware of our salon, at which point the male body to presses so you can feel better. This is a special system that is suitable only for representatives of a strong half of mankind. Our escorts with just a few touches will turn from a stressful strong body into a soft and flexible one.

Best Escort job in Sydney

Our clients Love the Experience

You will feel the care of these gentle and warm and pleasant hand that allows resetting all the negativity that surrounds you. Which accumulated for months and even years. This is the best discharge for the male body, feeling like you cannot experience it anywhere else. In addition, once you have visited Empire escorts, you can easily become our regular customer, because such satisfaction you will not get anywhere else.

Work with Us

Our people are our business and we require people with the right attitude to keep our company exciting and innovative! As the busier months are upon us, we require new ladies to join our team. We are always seeking reliable candidates who are professional and enthusiastic. We pride ourselves on being honest and our unique approach makes us innovative and stands out in the industry.

There is No Work Pressure

We actually care that our ladies are achieving their goals and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. That’s why we have structured our Agency to be mutually beneficial so you’re not finding yourself constantly behind work pressure.

We Have the Best Girls Escort Jobs in Sydney at Empire Escorts

From glamour models to established professional high-class escorts and ladies new to the industry. Empire Escorts has a variety of private girls for you to choose from. Best of all, we personally guarantee that the lady you meet will be the lady in the photos. With each of our Sydney escorts displaying a genuine passion for escorting.

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Escorts Jobs Sydney
My inner compass has always driven me to explore untrodden paths, and meet other people who walk the less-traveled roads. An innate pleasure-seeker with boundless curiosity, I love to indulge all of my senses through art, culture, and cuisine. Tickle my mind and share something with me – the most intriguing film you’ve seen; or the book that you’re reading now. Tell me the funniest joke you’ve ever heard – seduce me with laughter. The blissfully intimate preamble is where I take delight – the sensation of my leg against yours under the dinner table, eyes locked, immersed in conversation. Wine glasses are in need of a refill. I whisper in your ear, and a coy smile creeps up the side of your lips… a connection we build by the tease which can be an act of intimacy more erotic than just about anything under the sun. I live for magnetic chemistry and passionate sessions of sex and laughter; for pleasures of the flesh and stimulation of the mind; for long languorous afternoons wrapped up in another; for good times that await… Shall we? If you’d like to explore further, please peruse my website or follow my Twitter & Instagram pages @MissAriaMay to learn more about me. You’ll be pleased to know that you don’t need an account on either to have a cheeky look! Yours, Aria x

Escort Jobs in Sydney

Going independent is a business decision and a bit of a gamble but with determination. perseverance and some well-invested cash can be very lucrative and rewarding. The first thing you need is somewhere to work from. You could either find an apartment of your own or go in with other girls who are like-minded. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney and find the best Brothel jobs in Kings Cross.

Now All You have to do is Advertise Yourself

You will need your own website. As has been previously stated about agencies and photographers, the same also applies to sex industry website builders and promoters – check around, do your research, find out what the current rates are for the kind of site you require and watch out for shysters, conmen and rip-off merchants.

The Internet Has Several Good Sites for Independents to Join

Exchange banners with as many other adult websites as you can. Advertise yourself on the daily sex message boards, invest in local newspaper advertising and advertising on various websites, and get your regular clients to write reviews on you. There is no limit to your success, if your profile stands out, you can win a lot of escort bookings. Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney.

Always Run a Security Check on Any Client Who You Have Not Seen Before

If you are visiting his home get his full name, his address, his landline number, and who that landline is registered to, then ring directory enquires. If he doesn’t check out you don’t go. If he is in a hotel simply ring reception and ask if he has checked in yet. If he is not who he says he is, you don’t go. There are so many Adult jobs in Kings Cross and Escort jobs in Sydney.

In fact, it is this communication and sense of mutual responsibility, almost a solidarity, which has kept me working in the industry for as long as I have. For the most part, we keep silent about what we do in the hope that the world will not ‘out’ us. I have come to realize that if more women supported each other and helped each other out. Communicated with each other and shared their life experiences, we would all be much stronger, individually and collectively.

Phone Clients Before and After the Booking So That They Know That You Are Okay 

Above all, be safe. Listen to your instincts. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do. Almost all women coming into the industry will start off with agencies. And many very happily remain so as you really need to be in the industry a while to get yourself up and running independently. And to find out the best people to build sites, advertise, etc and do all the things that an agent does for you.

As Your Confidence Grows and You Want to Establish Yourself More 

It seems natural to want to do your own thing. It seems I was not dissimilar to others who had been working for a while and felt comfortable in the industry. And who had also come to the realization that it was far better to be working independently? The hope was that financially I would be better off, more in control, and happier in my work. Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney and Escort jobs in Kings Cross.

Money Is Never Enough Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings.

There is never enough money to either live well or even, for many women, to rise above the poverty trap. There are endless drudge jobs without intellectual or personal fulfillment. But the more control we take for ourselves, the more we can live without being dependent on anyone else for our survival, the happier we will be as individuals and as women.

Everything in This Life Should Ultimately Be Your Own Choice

We know that we do not have a choice about whether we should pay our bills or not but you do have a choice about how you find the money to pay those bills. If we have children we have no other choice but to look after and care for them. But you can make choices that will affect their day-to-day existence.

I Am Running My Own Business and I Haven’t Looked Back

Visually, I could also have complete control over how I represented myself on the net. And that is perhaps the most important part of how you market yourself and in my experience greatly determines the type of clientele you receive. I took heed and took the plunge. In the months since making the transition, I have felt happier and more in control. I could speak to and evaluate each client personally and didn’t have to clock in and out with the agents daily. Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney.

Show Off Your Other Skills

Look too at the recent publication of an anonymous escort’s story where many male reviewers read. I also spoke with men at the time who did not believe that a woman could possibly have written it! Just for the record many sex workers I know have either achieved degrees or are studying for one. As an escort, never be afraid to show off your academic skills, expand your knowledge.

Most Escort Agencies Will Have an Introduction Page Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings.

Generally, with a standard disclaimer about the fact that they are only providing time and companionship. And that if anything else occurs it is between the escort and the individual; a gallery page. Where you can see thumbnail images of the women on their books; click on the thumbnails and you will find a page for each escort.

Your Profile

Which will have a few more images, quite often bigger than thumbnail size. A general description of her and what services she offers and her rates; and a links page. Which as previously stated will take you to any number of other related sites. Shop around a bit on the internet unless you see your ‘ideal’ woman immediately. Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney and Kings Cross Brothel jobs.

Agencies Will Help You

Escort Jobs in Sydney Highest Earnings
I take on very few lovers, thus my time is reserved for the indulgent gentlemen, ladies and couples who book extended dates well in advance. Revel in the lustful anticipation and the blissful release of delayed gratification by pre-booking your date with me now. xx A hedonistic creature of comfort with a desire to please and soothe and nurture and feel all of those things in return. I want to feel good. Preferably with you. You, I am fascinated by. I’ve spent much of my life trying to learn as much as I can about you. Having formally studied history, sociology, psychology and neuroscience, there will always be a part of me that’s trying to figure you out. An endearing balance of refined sophistication which seamlessly melts into a down to earth and comforting aura, you will be delighted at just how I can make you feel simultaneously at awe and at ease in my presence.

We want to provide you with what you want and we want to be paid adequately for what we do. And we will be sensitive and understanding of almost anything you have to say, provided you say it politely. So, you have seen someone you like on the internet and you have phoned the agency or woman in question. Please do not withhold your number. Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings.

A Good Escort Agency  Will Tell You Straight Away if the Person You Want Is Available or Not

They will then find out if you would like an incall, which means you go to visit the escort at her premises, or an outcall. Where she comes to your home or hotel room. If you require a residential outcall then the agency will want your full real name, your address. Your landline number, who the landline is registered to, and whether it is an ex-directory number. Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney.

This Information Will Then Be Checked Out by the Agency by Ringing Directory Inquiries 

Should you require a hotel outcall you will be asked for your full name and your hotel room number. The same procedure applies. If you book an incall you will be given an idea of the area of the city where your escort’s ‘apartment’ is and asked to be in the area ten minutes before your appointed booking time. At that time you phone the agency and they will give you the address.

Escort Jobs in Sydney Highest Earnings
A unique and beautiful face blessed with full doll lips, big, brown siren eyes, and a million dollar smile that can brighten even the dreariest of days. Confident in my skin, I don’t subscribe to the notion that a mere dress size determines worth or beauty. You will revel in my deliciously curvy yet athletic body, boasting large natural G cup breasts, a gloriously lush derriere, and long shapely legs that take you all the way to the sweetest tasting heaven. I ooze a natural and sensual sex appeal and you will be dreaming of my orgasmic energy and hypnotic aura for years to come. With my commitments as a professional photographer, I only have time for very few exclusive and indulgent lovers each month. This does mean you must schedule ahead and that I prioritise longer dates. You can rest assured I am always fresh, yearning and at my best just for you. I remain in the industry not out of necessity, but for pleasure, to escape from my own daily grind, and for good times with even better company. I am for you, seeker of true companionship. I do not exist merely to scratch an itch, but to be your lover, confidant and friend. The classic mistress, I exist to be adored, showered in gifts, praise and kindness while lovingly offering the bespoke and genuine intimacy and escape you need.

The Best Adult Job Escort Job Erotic Massage Job Site in Sydney

Brothel Jobs in Sydney Escort Jobs 

We are always hiring motivated, confident girls to join our team and are keen to hear from models, students, adult entertainers, international visitors, and women from other professional careers looking for a side job.

With the introduction of vaccination from the end of February, we all hope there will be a return to normal or close to normal by the end of the year.

What we expect:

  • 18 years of age.
  • Presentable, well-groomed look.
  • Charming, friendly, and understanding.
  • Punctual and motivated.
  • Confident and outgoing, happy.
  • Reliable, honest, and trustworthy.
  • Discreetly able to keep confidence and professionalism.


Experience with escorting or in the adult industry is helpful but NOT required.

Hundreds of advertisements for private sex workers are surfacing online in trend police seem unable to avoid. A lot of them reference the extra steps that the escorts are implementing to provide discreet interpersonal services. Sex workers claim that many private escorts chose not to operate for their protection. Many believe they have no alternative because they need the income to survive.

Online Sex Trafficking

With more people in the at-home and bored and access to street prostitution severely curtailed life has been unpleasant.

There is also a chance that online prostitution sites that feature trafficked and enslaved women instead of those who give informed consent to sex work. May see a rise in online trafficking, perhaps stimulating efforts to entrap more vulnerable young men women.

The Demand Never Dies

The phenomenon illustrates another difficulty facing authorities in keeping citizens happy in the middle of the global pandemic, particularly regarding the porn industry’s casual sex and unlicensed sex parties. However, individual sex workers and customers flout social distancing laws. However, some obey policy guidelines, contributing to the distress of other sex workers.

Self-imposed Restrictions

Many governments are also issuing advisories against the most basic human habits of physical contact while people worldwide are strictly following self-imposed restrictions. From not touching the handrail in a train to not shaking hands with others at a meeting, people adapt their lifestyle to minimize contact with other people.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a lucrative business and is often linked with other organized crime within the sex industry, covering criminal activities such as immigration, violence, drug abuse, and money laundering. Victims may be targeted for sexual exploitation because of their immigration status, economic situation, or other vulnerabilities.

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As Australia’s best adult job site; we strive to provide an unrivaled working environment for individuals looking out for adult jobs like escort services, erotic massage, and brothel services. We offer celebrity courtesans, high-class escorts, and glamorous travel companions with the most professional portrayal. E-mail us today on [email protected]

Our working culture

We have a comfortable and relaxed working culture, we will not boss you around, and you will have the best support. Therefore, it is essential to point out that you are working for yourself and not for us or employed by us. Our role in this mutually supportive working relationship is to provide assistance, Security, and training and develop your client base.

Grow into a perfect Sydney escort:

We will be doing all the Marketing so that you can get on with the job.

As we only deal with several high-class selected escorts, we aim to make you available to an equivalent caliber of clientele. You’ll have the pleasure to work widely with Australia’s best photographers and be featured on Australia’s best top-end escort directories. Personal marketing guarantees a well-established customer base and a steady stream of appointments.

Travel as a Sydney Escort

You have the rare opportunity to visit other states and abroad to boost their prospects for income. Our partners or we organize these tours. Our competent receptionists can also cater to your customer inquiries.

Above industry, rates are paid to our escorts.

Our clients and industry partners pay high to ensure that your effort and commitment are appreciated and that you connect only with polished gentlemen.

We will maintain your privacy and confidentiality at all times.

We respect the sensitive nature of our business to protect your privacy with the utmost confidentiality and that of your consumers.

Be assured of your Security.

Our management team is very experienced, and we have also certified skilled chauffeurs to drive you to and from out-of-cell reservations.

Payment is made daily to our Sydney escorts.

We always make payments of your earnings on time and daily.

Comprehensive training is given when you join us in Sydney Escort Job.

Full ongoing training is provided and prompts help whenever you require. We book all your photography sessions and provide costumes.

Our escort agencies and brothels have a large client base so you will earn lots of Money in a Sydney escort job with us.

A consistent flow of regular and new screened clients to make sure you are making a consistent income.

We provide a friendly and fun working environment for our Escorts.

We don’t accept the practice of bullying or abuse. We’re here to collaborate with you in peace. We do not promote substance use or push you to provide services that are unhealthy or vulnerable.

We are looking forward to meeting new ladies and recruiting high-class escorts.

Apply now for an escort Job in Sydney.

Feel free to apply if you are goal-oriented and have what it takes. We maintain the quality and performance of the services we offer. We are a fun-loving business that loves our jobs. Thank you for taking your valuable time to read our escort employment page.

We are looking forward to meeting you to explore your career options and hopefully make you a top-class Playmate who will be employable where ever you travel.

E-mail us today [email protected]

Your sexual health when you work as a Sydney Escort is essential to us

100 Sydney Escort Jobs

Beautiful and at the same time experienced masseuses are well aware of our salon, at which point the male body presses so you can feel better. This is a special system that is suitable for only representatives of a strong half of mankind. Our escorts with just a few touches will turn from a stressful strong body into a soft and flexible one.

Our clients Love the Experience

You will feel the care of these gentle warm and pleasant hand that allows resetting all the negativity that surrounds you. Which accumulated for months and even years. This is the best discharge for the male body, feeling like you cannot experience it anywhere else. In addition, once you have visited Empire escorts, you can easily become our regular customer, because such satisfaction you will not get anywhere else.

Work with Us As A Sydney Escort

Our people are our business and we require people with the right attitude to keep our company exciting and innovative! As the busier months are upon us, we require new ladies to join our team. We are always seeking reliable candidates who are professional and enthusiastic. We pride ourselves on being honest and our unique approach makes us innovative and stands out in the industry.

There is No Work Pressure

We actually care that our ladies are achieving their goals and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. That’s why we have structured our Agency to be mutually beneficial so you’re not finding yourself constantly behind work pressure.

We Have the Professional Escorts

From glamour models to established professional high-class escorts and ladies new to the industry. Empire Escorts has a variety of private girls for you to choose from. Best of all, we personally guarantee that the lady you meet will be the lady in the photos. With each of our Sydney escorts displaying a genuine passion for escorting.

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The Coronavirus an Australian Sex Guide

Confinement, quarantine, and social distancing: the strategies of containing a pandemic are not exactly conducive to romantic relationships or dating. But for those who can’t resist the temptation of sex and relationships, there are ways in which you can protect yourself.

Washing your Hands

Washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after any sexual activity is also important, the guide says. This is a key tip of many disease control agencies right now. The virus has been found in the feces of people who are infected but not in semen or vaginal fluid. But since it is spread through respiratory droplets so kissing can easily pass the virus.


Furthermore, masturbation does not spread COVID-19 coronavirus, especially if you wash your hands and any sex toys you may use before doing so. So if solitary pleasure isn’t satisfactory, this guide suggests avoiding close contact. And therefore sex with anyone outside your household.

Virtual Sex Relationships

But some say sex and new intimate relationships will have to move into the virtual sphere during this pandemic. For those who online date already, “video dates, sexting or chat rooms” could be an option. We don’t know who needs to hear this, but now is NOT the time to go out with your date to a bar. Facebook, Skype, call, text, call, message on our app….all very romantic right now.

Have Sex with People Close & Known to You

You are your safest sex partner. Masturbation will not spread COVID-19, especially if you wash your hands and any sex toys with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after sex.

  • The next safest partner is someone you live with. Having close contact including sex with only a small circle of people helps prevent spreading COVID-19. Have sex only with consenting partners.
  • You should avoid close contact including sex with anyone outside your household. If you do have sex with others, have a few partners as possible.
  • If you usually meet your sex partners online or make a living by having sex, consider taking a break from in-person dates. Video dates, sexing, or chat rooms may be options for you.

Take Care During Sex

  • Kissing can easily pass COVID-19. Avoid kissing anyone who is not part of your small circle of close contacts.
  • The rimming mouth on the anus might spread COVID-19. The virus in feces may enter your mouth.
  • Condoms and dental dams can reduce contact with saliva or feces, especially during oral or anal sex.
  • Washing up before and after sex is more important than ever. Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Wash sex toys with soap and warm water.

Sex shops in Sydney

Escort work Sydney Girls

I wake up, get ready for college and walk the dog. Then I commute across Sydney to where my college is. I love my course, I could not get through juggling everything like this without loving it. I spent the whole day at college. Our hours are quite varied though: 9–5, 12–6, 9–1. It is strange being at college. Everyone around me seems so young, they still live with their parents and their lives seem so simple compared to mine.

Balancing College and Escorting

I feel so jealous that they can properly commit to the course. I want to be like them, I want to be healthy and fresh and fit in. It is hard to be like them because my life is so far away from them. I can’t go out to the pub on Friday because I have to work. I am supporting someone else and working full-time as an escort, I hardly ever take time off. On the train to school I text the escort agents telling them my hours for the night. Apply for Escort work Sydney Girls.

Manage My Escort Agency Calls

Then I switch to college mode. It is not always easy because I have to call escort agents in school from the toilet when they want me to arrange a job for later. Once I was really scared because my phone rang in class and the teacher had a habit of answering the person’s phone as punishment for disturbing his class. I thought the school was going to find out and I’d get kicked out. But fortunately, it wasn’t an escort agent calling.

Getting into Escort Mode in the Evenings

After college, it takes me about an hour and a half to get home. Then I go back into escort mode. I buy food, shop, walk the dog, clean the flat, eat and bathe and get ready to work. My escort agents always insist that I am ready to leave if I get a call so I get dressed in my work clothes and get made up. I do my coursework like that which is always very strange. You don’t relax easily when you are waiting for work. Apply for Escort work Sydney Girls.

Must be Prepared Before Going Out

I also often get offered a job before I am ready but you don’t turn work down so there is a mad rush between the call and the cab coming. My flatmate and I wait for work doing coursework, eating, or watching a film. The calls always seem to come just as I am sitting down to eat, so often I have to leave my food. Unfortunately, if you are full-time at college and escorting you have to be signed on and available for work while you do other things.

Because There are Not Enough Hours in the Day

I usually get a job between 8 and midnight. The midnight ones are awful because you get to the job for one, spend an hour there, and get home by three if it’s an hour, but sometimes I don’t get home till five/six. That means washing, dog-walking, and falling straight to bed to catch a few hours of sleep to then get up for college. If I don’t get a job by one, then I go to sleep, wake up at four and sign on with the late-night agencies. Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings.

Work-Life Balance is Important

When I do those escort jobs I come straight home, change for college and go. I am so often late from simply oversleeping that I had to tell my colleagues what was going on. They were actually really supportive. But I think they feel it is a waste because I could do so much better at college if I had enough sleep. Three hours or less sleep a night takes its toll. I don’t really know how I do it apart from the fact that I have to. Apply for Escort work Sydney Girls.

It is Actually Really Hard to Describe a Typical Outcall Every Time is Different

But, for example, my agent called me and got me to call a man called Steven back. I did, he was quite chatty and seemed friendly. He wanted to know all the usual information about what I looked like and what I was prepared to do  or in his words ‘what can we do in this hour?’ ‘How do I know you’re fit?’ he was quite easy to talk with.

Meeting Your Clients

He had obviously hired girls before. He gave me his address in Highbury and told me to come over. I called the agent back and had a bit of a mad rush to get ready before the cab came because I had only just signed on – you have to look beautiful, dressed-up, made-up, and sexy. I get cabs to houses because you need to be there quickly and they can be quite hard to find. Apply for Escort work Sydney Girls.

Always Keep Your Agency Informed

Once I arrived Steve and I said our hellos – he was about 45, I think, and he said I was beautiful and kissed me on the cheek. I then explained to him that I have to let my agent know I am here so could I please take the money. He got the money and offered me a glass of wine. After I counted the money and called my agent to say everything was fine. We sat on his sofa and talked and drank wine. Apply for Escort work Sydney Girls.

You Have to be on the Ball to be a Good Escort

Just kind of friendly talk about what he did for a living – he was a designer. He was nice but I could tell he didn’t have lots of money and would only want an hour. You have to please lots of different types of people and to do that you have to know what they want. After about 20 minutes he kissed me then invited me to his bedroom. We undressed and kissed each other and he was very keen to make me come.

Always Make Your Client Happy

After he did I gave him a BJob, which he really liked, and we had sex in several different positions before he came. Just to let you know, girls have to bring their own protection. After we were done – it was quite quick – we talked and hugged until it was time for me to call my agent. I offered him another hour but he didn’t have any more money. So he ordered me a cab and I took a quick shower. We said our goodbyes and agreed he would call me again.

Make Your Escort Job Enjoyable

I suppose this is your standard one-hour job with a certain quite common type of client. I call these jobs ‘polite, middle-class, easy jobs’. They are nice but sometimes you don’t clear that much money after the cabs and agency fees. If it’s far you can usually get the guy to pay for the cab. These kinds of jobs are nearly always in the evening, I think the kind of jobs you get can depend on what time you sign on.

The Double Life Aspect

Life is non-stop but I am juggling about seven escort agents. Most of them want you to be on all the time and expect fees to be paid into the bank. Then there’s college, caring for my boyfriend and everything else. I sometimes get stress rashes and sometimes I don’t eat because I am so busy that I actually forget to. But the worst is the double life aspect – it is maddening at times and upsetting and isolating. Apply for Escort work Sydney Girls.

Never Give Up

You have to be strong in yourself to be able to cope with that part of it. You have to lie to people you love and be prepared not to be understood. But it is worth it, I have learned a lot during this time of my life and I am determined not to leave my escort job. I am so grateful I haven’t given up college to become a full-time escort because it makes me feel secure about the future.

Sydney Brothels and Escort Agency Listing
A courtesan of many intrigues who indulges, yet transcends, the physical needs of the discerning and accomplished gentleman, lady or couple. An intellectual not only refined by an impressive education and drive toward success, but alive with curiosity, life experience and a deep yearning to connect with you, body and mind. Perhaps, I’m just a lonely soul. Or… perhaps people are just impossibly fascinating. So much so, I’ve made two careers out of spending time with or photographing them. Shared, the wine hits harder. The food tastes better. The jazz swings lower. The laughter rolls deeper. The orgasm more intense… These sensory experiences I live my life to indulge in only offer half of what they could without you. What a shame it is that we enjoy those pleasures alone when we could be reveling in them together? Oh, lover, you should come over. Head to for more of me. Join my mailing list for special offers, news, updates and more!

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COVID 19 has left many regular users of Brothels and Escort Agencies in Hungary for sex. Become a Sydney escort or work in a Sydney Brothel and earn in excess of 7000 Dollars in a week.

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Many Australian escort agencies have particular aesthetics that they need or think they need. At Empire Escorts, we are flexible and open-minded. We recognize that different clients have different tastes and attractions.

Empire Escort Agency in Sydney Female owned and operated.

Empire Escorts is a 100% female-owned and managed escort agency operating in beautiful Sydney.

What do you need to be as an Empire Sydney Escort?

Are you confident and friendly? Are you excited by the idea of meeting new people? Do you want to make a lot of money? Are you committed to providing clients with a world-class experience? Then our door is open to you at the Empire Escort Agency in Sydney.

We welcome applicants from regional Australia, Sydney. Sydney and its lucrative adult job industry is an easy commute from most NSW cities.

Permanent Citizens Australian nationals and temporary work visa holders are welcome

We also welcome ladies on working holiday visas, and you can work for us for up to 6 months. Australian Students are welcome; we can arrange shifts, so they fit around your study schedule. International students are also welcome. You can work up to 20 hours a week and full time during your holiday.

Call us for an informal and informed confidential discussion; you will not be disappointed.

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’m Not the Girl Next Door I get it. You’re curious…maybe even apprehensive, after all, I’m so petite, so sleek, slim and delicate, you’re afraid you might break me. Relax! I’m not nearly as fragile as I look. I know I tempt you with my unique ebony beauty …. so tell me, is today the day you try something edgy, exotic and new? Being one of the few Black American women around, I’m even more alluring in person, If my body doesn’t make you melt my strong American accent will. I’m not the girl next door, but she doesn’t do it for you quite the way I do. I have an insatiable sexual appetite and a lust to explore and indulge all your wildest fantasies. I’m not afraid to share my secrets and take the lead or come along on your ride with you calling the shots. I’m smart, sexy, with a strong romantic streak. My life is completely devoted to pleasure, yours and my own.

Worked as an escort work in Sydney before, or are you new to the adult industry? We encourage you to contact us and have a confidential, no-pressure chat to see if Empire Escorts is the right fit for you.

We are honest and frank.

Our discussions are frank, and you can be sure that we will answer all questions. The security of our escorts is essential and a priority for us so you can feel safe when working for us.

We are happy to discuss accommodation solutions if you want to work a few days a week and return home.

You will earn a lot of money; some girls can earn more than $7000 a week, it all depends on you and how hard you work.

Escorts Jobs in Sydney Brothel Jobs North Sydney with Empire Escorts Jobs in Sydney

The jobs advertised below are for applicants who are 18 years and over. Strictly adult. If you want to join some of the best adult employers in Sydney read on. Training is provided. In some cases accommodation is also available, so if you live in Brisbane, Darwin, Perth or Hobart then why not come to Sydney for a few days a week.

If you are on a working holiday visa then this is the ideal job. Lots of $$$ enjoy the great Australian lifestyle. If you have the ability to entertain our clients we can make your time in Sydney very enjoyable.

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You must be over 18 to work in the adult industry.

Immediate start Adult Jobs Board Sydney Brothel Jobs Sydney Erotic Massage Jobs Sydney – Jobs with high $$$$ and accommodation available for Escort, Masseurs, strip dancers and adult jobs in Sydney CBD, North Sydney, Liverpool, Petersham, Surry Hills, Kings Cross, Rushcutters Bay, New town, Bondi Beach, and Bondi Junction.


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After high-level talks with the Department of Good Times, Nirvana (RPM, Michelle’s) is pleased to announce the extension of the DickSeeker and DickKeeper program. “ In these hard times it makes sense to support our loyal customers” –  says management. It’s a stimulus package that you won’t forget! Hurry! Limited time only!

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Experience in a traditional massage or previous experience in the adult industry, related work experience such as strip dancers is very welcome.

Brothels in Sydney

Escort jobs Sydney Highest earnings in the escort industry in Sydney.

Registered Brothels, escort agencies, and Adult Massage parlors offer a safe reliable service. Always check it’s a registered establishment. Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings.

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Where we work

Hush Escort Services, Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings are close to the following suburbs, and we can reach you in Sydney CBD. Also North Sydney, Kings Cross, and Surry Hills, Bondi, Bondi Junction, Randwick, Coogee. Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings. We also operate in Glebe, Newtown, Enmore, Parramatta, and North Sydney. If you live in Country NSW that is not a problem, many of our girls come from out-of-town places like Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong, or Maitland.

Students and 417 visa holders are welcome

Escort Jobs Available in Sydney Immediate Start
You don’t have to be kinky to be with me, but if you are, it won’t hurt…ok… maybe just a hint of that ecstatic agony we both know and love and only if you need or want it. If fetishes and fantasies fascinate you, if you are seeking next-level experiences, I understand the mind play involved in mind-blowing encounters. Let’s play. Still feeling a little intimidated? Afraid you might like me too much? You’re right. If you crave an authentic, unique, and uninhibited experience that will make your nerve endings tingle, leaving you wrung out and breathless, you’ve come to the right place. Add a little colour to your life. Book me

You are welcome to work for us if you are Australian and over 18 years old. Ladies holding working holiday visas (417) can work with us for up to 6 months. International students are also welcome, International students can work for us for 20 hours a week and full time during your holidays. Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings apply today.

Call us for a private confidential discussion to explore your options Mobile 0426 776 655

Anything from phone sex operators, cam girls, and porn stars to spa girls, street workers, and high-end escorts. There are a lot of Escort Jobs in Sydney Escort Jobs in Parramatta.

Few escorts in Sydney, provide penetrative sex.

Furthermore,  “A” girlfriend touch “is provided by certain high-end escorts. Get into bed with your client and seeing your bank account balance grow is the way. Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings apply today for an Escort job in Sydney Highest earnings.

Well Connected Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings.

By the hour service

In an open escort industry dealing with the selling of sexual interactions in some type of form. All escorts are associated with hourly and long-term cash payments. The variations between the kinds of employment and also the legitimacy of certain employment vary. Apply for an escort job at Parramatta. Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings get laid by rich men who are hungry for sex is an experience to learn from. Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings. Men are looking for the right women therefore establish yourself as a special person.

Escort Work in Sydney

This is not to mention the discrepancies that occur in terms of age, class, race, or ethnicity amongst escorts. Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings as such, in the sex industry, it is impossible to draw sweeping generalizations about people. Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings. Each line of work poses its own distinctive challenges and experiences. For multiple persons, sex often involves numerous items. Sex jobs may be personal work involving not just the anatomy of an individual, but also her feelings. Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings.

Sex Jobs

On the opposite, a rising number of women are in turn pursuing sex jobs. Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings.

Financial Benefits are enormous

In all instances, in order for financial benefits, a human being allows the usage of his body for a particular purpose for a certain period of time. If you can get clients to orgasm each time you give them a blowjob, then you have them hooked up. Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings. Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings get your G spot stimulated so that your clients have a memorable experience. Consider the possibility of a room full of attractive, seductive ladies who would be delighted to strip naked and join you for a party! Then there’s the amazing music, the amazing lighting, the smoke, and the never-ending supply of drinks. Moreover, you have an excellent understanding of what is going on here! In addition to being gorgeous, a desirable job candidate for escorting should also have a good moral character.

Learn more about the escort job we have available.

When it comes to services, we provide a wide selection of options, ranging from escort services to in-house services in our luxurious and pristine facilities. Our services are always safe, always classy, and always discreet for both our ladies and our visitors, and they are available around the clock. We are dedicated to allowing all of our ladies to make decisions on their own terms, which means you will never be pushed to participate in anything you do not want to.

The work is an erotic roller coaster experience of a different kind.

You’ll be able to choose from a number of options, like sensual massages, girlfriend encounters, fetish mistresses, and fun bucks’ parties, among others. A place in the ranks of escorts is available to everyone, whether they are Australians from Sydney or abroad, or visitors to Sydney looking for employment. Prepare to spit into your customers’ crotches and moisten their dicks as a part of your service.

Our staff must meet the very minimum criteria.

At our Pyrmont Brothel, we only provide services that are safe, hygienic, and consensual. As a result, all of our ladies must provide current health certificates as well as confirmation of their age when applying. We encourage ladies from all across Newcastle, Sydney, New South Wales, and the globe to contact us and discuss their past experiences, wants, and goals for a future as escort workers. We are looking for women from all walks of life.

Please contact us as soon as possible.

Apply for a position working as a sex worker in one of Sydney’s renowned brothels. Because our brothel is attractive, warm, and clean, both our ladies and visitors feel instantly at ease. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you appreciate providing sexual pleasures and are searching for a new sort of business opportunity. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your background in order to decide if you and our staff are a suitable match.

Unobtrusive and entertaining

Put a stop to your refusal to give yourself the chance to explore your own desires. You deserve a sexual life that is both interesting and gratifying. Accept the temptation and indulge in unending satisfaction with the sexy and comprehensive massage jobs that are available to you. It is important for clients to feel comfortable, and our experienced females will be able to further improve the atmosphere. All of your interactions with the consumer shall be professional and kind. Escort positions are available in Sydney.

Who can work in the Adult Industry? Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings.

Australian citizens over the age of 18. Who can work in the adult industry in NSW? Escort jobs in Sydney Highest earnings

Permanent residents, temporary work visa holders, including working holiday visa holders, and international students.

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Escort jobs in Sydney Kings Cross
Time spent with me is Passionate and authentic, I aim to enhance Gentlemen’s lives in more ways than just the bedroom. My caring, humble and compassionate personality and sense of humour are the things gentlemen always come back for. I love to engage all of a man’s being and leave him feeling relaxed, cared for and amazing. I specializing in creating authentic memories, strong sexual connection and long lasting friendships with the Gentlemen I engage with. Behind closed doors I like to show you, just how highly skilled I am & I enjoy using all of my sexuality to have you coming back to me time and time again. I am a companion the sexual intimacy & chemistry grows stronger as we spend more time together.
Escort Jobs in Sydney Highest Earnings
Hey guys I’m Jennifer, blonde, high class, free-spirited, beautiful/sexy woman with an incredibly thick sexy English accent. I am the girl you wished lived next door. Exotically beautiful with my mesmerising crystal brown eyes and soft tanned skin and tattooless. My D cup enhanced breasts are perfect in every way. My soft lips are perfect for kissing. As smoking as my model body is, my face is definitely one my best feature, With a fresh face and With a youthful, glowing complexion. I’m not just a pretty face there is more to me then my looks. I am told I am very different from the rest with a smile and personal that can light up any room. I am highly educated, well-travelled. I love well cultured, well mannered gentlemen with fun and caring personalities. Good hygiene, grooming, presentation & discretion is extremely important to me. My time is an investment and I spend it wisely, I am after long lasting connections opposed to one off meets. If you are ready to enhance your life in the best of ways get in touch. Hugs and kisses Armarni Bulkani x
Escort Jobs Available in Sydney Immediate Start
I have exquisite tastes, i always dress perfectly for any occasion. I like to feel good and that comes from looking good. I’m OBSESSED with lingerie (it’s like an addiction) My health is very important to me. I take good care of myself. I exercise regularly and maintain a very healthy lifestyle. I LOVE fitness. yoga, meditation, hiking, gym. In my down time i love spending quality time with my close friends and loved ones and enjoying life to the fullest. I believe life is a gift so make the most of it. I love trying and experiencing new things. I love to chill with hot baths and candles and tea. I love to get out to the great outdoor. I love to give back, So I’m involved with many many charity’s world wild.
Brothel Jobs in Newtown Sydney Brothel Jobs
I love meeting new people and seeing the world through others eyes. BE WARNED, I am extremely addictive. You’re not going to stop with just one visit. An experience and girl you will never forget.. My photos 100 per genuine and are up todate and are a true reflection of myself. These photos where taken in the last few month. As a part time model I love to get infont of the camera for fun. I am a TRUE INDEPENDENT ESCORT 5-Star gold verified, assuring you that I have completed the highest verification process available in the industry. I am based in Sydney Australia, but tour interstate and world wild regularly. I DO NOT take drugs nor DO NOT drink. I like to be on the best form in every way possible.
Escort Jobs in Sydney
I am very active on Social Media and upload new videos, photos and selfies Upcoming tours on a weekly basis. Be sure to check out my Twitter Account- Jenlove111 Instagram account- Jenniferlovesyd to see my natural self. I request that all lovers leave their negative opinions of other providers at the door. I do not permit nasty gossip in our time together. Let your fantasies come true and your dreams come alive either as a girlfriend or as a pornstar fantasy. I promise our time together will be uniquely special and will leave you completely satisfied. Breathlessly yours Sweet kisses Jennifer x

Empire Escorts Agency Sydney- We are Hiring

Escort Required – immediate start high earnings potential. You must be flexible and cheerful with an easy-going attitude. Training is provided. Call Today: Empire Escorts Agency 0487 003 223