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Even if you’re new to escorting, my laid-back and considerate demeanour will put you at ease and make you want to partake in the sensuous pleasures of a good time together. And, oh, how I like a good time — a friendly chat in a crowded club, an excellent supper, or a cozy night in bed. I thrive on interaction; it energizes me. Both physically and psychologically. Apply for Sydney Parramatta High-Paying Escort Jobs.

Why be a Hush Escort in Sydney?

Relax! Your search is over. It’s no accident that you’ve found Hush Escorts. Escort jobs in Sydney Parramatta.

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If you enjoy combining pleasures and bringing the body’s five senses to their maximum potential, Erotic Massage is for you. It aids in relaxation and connection with your partner or lover.

Why work as a Hush escort?

1) You will make new friends every day
2) You will work with people like you.
3) You can reach for the stars
4) You will be your person and be independent of other people financially.
5) You can earn a lot of money
6) You can have a lavish lifestyle, theatres, posh restaurants, and visits to Royal Randwick, yours to choose from the best Sydney offers.
7) You will meet interesting people and find friends
8) You will meet the rich and powerful and see how the other half live.
9) You can buy a house or an apartment overlooking Sydney bridge
10) You can buy a dream car.
11) Timeout goes for a holiday to Europe or Tokyo. Money is no objection.
12) Learn a trade you can be proud of.

Who can work for us?

If you are in Sydney on a working holiday visa, this could be your ideal job. While in Sydney, you can work for Hush for up to 6 months. Escort jobs in Sydney Parramatta welcome international students who can work for us for 20 houses each week.

Australian ladies

If you are an Australian lady looking for excitement, call us to discuss your options.
Ladies living in Regional New South, please call our friendly reception ladies and ask any questions or concerns you may have. We can help you with advice on accommodation, and you can be sure of confidentiality.
At Hush Escorts, you are our most important asset, and we will ensure you are always looked after and kept safe.

Sydney Parramatta High-Paying Escort Jobs: You must be 18 years old to work in the adult industry in Sydney, New South Wales.

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