The Penthouse Club – Auckland New Zealand

The Penthouse Club - Auckland New Zealand

The Penthouse Club need escorts right now so if you want an escort job that need to be filled immediately in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand then get in touch with their recruitment manager.

With the old fashioned adult industry laws in most Australian states ( NSW exempted) start a new life come over to New Zealand and earn big New Zealand dollar, many adult entertainment workers are seeking world class living and working prospects in Auckland and Wellington.

The Penthouse Club – Auckland New Zealand is the most luxurious and high-end Adult Entertainment venue in the whole of New Zealand, period. Centrally located in Auckland CBD, it services VIP’s from Corporate Finance to Professional Athletes to Entrepreneurs, millionaires and others of notoriety. If you are looking at starting at the top, then look no further than The Penthouse Club is your one stop shop.

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When speaking with a client, always be courteous and friendly. It improves your professional image, and the client will like your service even more.

With mid-week events and busy weekends there is always a huge amount of money to be made. Our girls can clear $5000 per week and we have a great range of quality accommodation options to suit all.

If you’re worried about a work visa then think again. Our girls work on a freelance / contractual basis and sorting out work visas for non NZ national like Australian is something our HR team can take care using highly experienced New Zealand migration agents.

If you love to travel then New Zealand is a place you will want to explore and then live work and play in. The Penthouse Club is part of the largest adult entertainment agency in the country. We have venues across Auckland and Wellington and are always happy to accommodate those looking to travel around the country.

If you are in Australia try us as a great option to further your career in the adult work industry, if you are in New Zealand, particularly in Auckland or Wellington get in touch and begin the adventure of your life.

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