What Is Guest Marriage? Its pros and cons

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What Is Guest Marriage? Its Pros and Cons

What Is Guest Marriage? Its Pros and Cons

A guest marriage is a union in which spouses do not burden themselves with household issues. Even though marriage is officially registered, the spouses prefer to live separately from each other. Issues of fidelity and distribution of parental responsibilities are decided individually in each couple.

How do people come to this non-standard type of relationship? This is often the second or third marriage for the spouses. They have already had time to taste all the joys of traditional marriage — children, loans, vacations with a large and (un)friendly family, fading of feelings, everyday routine, divorce. They have already disappointed in marriage and no longer want to repeat previous experiences. There is no more strength for altruism and sacrifice. Men and mail order brides in such a marriage want to be partners to each other rather than husband and wife.

Benefits of Guest Marriage

The three main benefits of such a union are convenience, freedom, and endless romance. All of this makes the relationship almost perfect.

  • This is very convenient. You are the only master of your house and can do whatever you want. Throw away your socks, drink beer, and forget about the weekly big cleaning up. Sharing your life and personal space with another person can sometimes be very difficult. No matter how much you love them. You need to negotiate, make concessions, show flexibility and sensitivity, be attentive to the desires and needs of another person. And still manage not to forget about yourself.
  • Independence. You only spend your time on yourself. Spouses in a guest marriage can allocate as much time as they want for work and entertainment. If a partner wants to go to yoga after work instead of going to the supermarket to buy food for dinner, they will do it with a clear conscience. And then, if they wanted to, they would go to the cinema. And they won’t have to think about their hungry spouse waiting for them at home.
  • Romance. Spouses in guest marriage are not familiar with the routine. Their whole life is a romantic film. Dates, flowers, restaurants, and weekends by the seaside. In such a relationship, there is no all this everyday routine inherent in traditional marriage.

What Is Guest Marriage? Its Pros and Cons

Drawbacks of Such Marriage

This whole guest marriage story sounds tempting. But everything has its pros and cons.

  • Loneliness. Defenders of guest marriage shout about freedom, autonomy, and other delights of such a union. But whatever one may say, one cannot hide from loneliness here. Yes, you have a loved one. But they are far away. For example, because after work they went to yoga and are not going to answer your calls.
  • “Count only on yourself!” — this is the motto of a guest marriage. But think about it carefully: in your apartment, no one will be waiting for you with a cup of tea. All responsibility lies on your shoulders. Of course, you can ask your spouse for help. But how nice it is to come home and get help and support just like that, without reminding or requests.

Such a union is suitable for men and women who are afraid of intimacy. After all, the more we get closer to a person, the more vulnerable we become.

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