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If you crave an authentic, unique, and uninhibited experience that will make your nerve endings tingle, leaving you wrung out and breathless, you’ve come to the right place. Add a little colour to your life. Book me.

Work in an Escort Job in Sydney. Sex, right? That would be the obvious presumption. Yet, successful escorts realize that their clients are actually looking for more.

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What It’s Really Like To Be An Escort

People are curious about what it’s like to be an escort now that sex work is becoming more legal, even here in Australia, and is talked about more often in public. Escorts can work in brothels, for an agency, or as private sex workers who do not work for anyone else.

You’ll Find That sex is more common than you thought.

People who hire sex workers are often portrayed as either sex-obsessed freaks or lonely people who want to talk. However, most escorts say that sex is much more typical than most people think. Most of the time, it’s just simple “man on top” sex. People may be surprised that many male clients also want to give oral presentations. That doesn’t mean there aren’t sex workers who focus on kink. There are a lot of people who are sought out for their work in BDSM, age play, and other similar areas. There is a sex worker for each and every client.

It’s not unusual to find a sex worker with a college degree.

People often think sex workers do it because they have nothing else to do. This is not true at all. Many people who work in the sex business do it because they want to, not because they have to. In fact, many of them went to college. They worked professionally before deciding to go in a different direction. People often assume that sex workers are uneducated because the idea of a well-educated sex worker makes them feel weird.

Sex Workers Are Diverse

Unfortunately, many popular cultures only show escorts as thin, white women in their early 20s who all look like models. This is not true at all. There are people like that, but a lot of people don’t fit that description. Sex workers are of every (legal) age, every race and ethnicity, and every body type, among other things. Not all people who work in sex jobs are cisgender or straight. There are also a lot of men who work in the sex work industry. Many negative ideas about people working in the sex industry come from fear, ignorance, and racism.

Work as an Empire Escort in Sydney

Work as an escort

After all, if a person only wants sexual activity, they can easily hire a prostitute or look for someone willing to be part of a one-night stand. After all, drunks in a bar are often easy to seduce. Clients who hire escorts are looking for something more than just a quick roll in the hay. It’s an escort’s job to pinpoint what it is that the client longs for. And while the reasons to hire an escort vary. Work in an Escort Job in Sydney and earn lots of money whilst having fun.

Regional ladies are welcome to apply for our fly-in, fly-out jobs. Accommodation is available for temporary visitors who may wish to work for a couple of days before returning home.

Temporary work visa holders are also welcome. Working holiday visa holders can work with us for up to six months. International Students can work for 20 hours a week. Full time during holidays.

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